Teen Charged With Stabbing, Sexual Assault

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WILKES-BARRE -- Charges connected to an alleged stabbing and sexual assault in Wilkes-Barre have a 16 year old locked up.

The teen was charged as an adult for an attack last month on a teenage girl.

Christopher Molinaro just turned 16 a few weeks ago.

Wilkes-Barre police said he has confessed to stabbing a girl who was supposed to be his friend.

His t-shirt says "I don't need your attitude I have one of my own."

But Christopher Molinaro of Plains Township did not want to talk as he was led into his arraignment in Wilkes-Barre on charges of aggravated assault and sexual assault.

"I'm glad that he was charged as an adult. He should be for what he had done to her."

A woman who does not want to be identified said a bloody 14-year-old girl came to her home in Wilkes-Barre last month looking for help.

Police said the girl was sexually assaulted along railroad tracks near Miller Street.

Authorities also said Molinaro stabbed the girl in the neck and back with a fishing knife.

According to court records, the two had become friends a few months ago.

"It was horrible. It's something you don't want to see. Nobody wants to see, especially a 14-year-old girl or any woman."

Other people who live and walk by the tracks in the Miners Mills section of the city say they're relieved after weeks of uncertainty about the case.

"My boyfriend actually just went out and bought me pepper spray because he's that terrified for me to walk," said Nicole Tirpak of Wilkes-Barre.

"The little girl was helpless, defenseless; she had nobody there to protect her."

Court records said Molinaro told police "he lost it" when the girl mentioned another boy's name.

Molinaro is locked with bail set at $50,000.


  • cc k

    Not saying Wt Chris did wz good but right now I’m crying BC he’s my ex/1 bf and I still have feelings for him… wen I seen this on the news I wanted to cry so ran to my room and did cry… in Wt he did wz wrong and I do pray that the girl gets better but u always have something for Ur first love and Chris will hallways have my heart… ya he did hit me sometimes but no matter Wt I will hallways love him.. I’m sorry for Wt he did BC Ik he might not say it with how he is but if I wz still there he wouldn’t have done Wt he did… UK u might notead this Chris but I love u…

  • K

    While I agree that certain circumstances call for corporal punishment, excessive use thereof just produces more violence. We kept our kid out of alot of trouble just by enforcing our own version of house arrest longer for infractions that criminals get time for! While he was grounded his peers were constantly getting into mischief over and over for doing the same stupid stuff over and over and nothing ever being done to stop them. Not even rap sheets a mile long before they were 18 they would wave proudly like a flag that should read loser! I am glad they’re going to charge him as an adult. Hopefully he will do some real time. “Court records said Molinaro told police “he lost it” when the girl mentioned another boy’s name.” Girls have freedoms in this country dude, we don’t do burkas. This gem must’ve learned from SOMEWHERE that it’s ok to hurt girls or anything weaker than himself. How do such actions prove you’re a man?!

    • deborahrmorgan

      I disagree w you….as a former child who was grounded all the time ……it didn’t keep me out of trouble …..it just made me angry ….. And I developed a complete lack of respect for authority ……. My son on the other hand was never grounded ……and I didn’t hit him either…..none of that is necessary …..if you truly are a good parent.

      • K

        Depends on the persona of the child in question. All I know is my kid doesn’t shoot donkeys, throw rocks off overpasses, or rape girls. Just sayin’ and he doesn’t have a rap sheet. Your experience doesn’t make it hallmark. Until a child can show respect and self-control their freedoms should be contained. Maybe that’s just your personality. There are many “truly good parents” out there who enforce different initiatives of discipline and those are the ones in the middle of the spectrum. On the far left you have the lax parents who do nothing at all, and on the far right you have child abusers. To say the whole universe has to follow your lead to be a “truly good parent” is ignorant. Like who would follow the advice of a person who “got angry” when grounded as if that was an abnormal response to discipline, and two who is sociopathically arrogant to the extent they dismiss other parents methods inside of socially accepted norms.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Well……you certainly speak, personally I value function over form…….first of all I am not ignorant….often people accused or assume others are just like them…..now that’s ignorant……I do not endorse child abuse….of course it’s your kid, your prorogative. Secondly just because something is socially acceptable doesn’t make it right…..for example….female genitalia mutulation, slavery, the list goes on. Get it? And lastly just because your kid doesn’t act out externally doesn’t mean he or she is OK……they could still be screwed up in the head…..and really really finally…..my child NEVER got in trouble……Infact he just graduated w a PhDs…….so just stfu. Got it.

  • David Frederick

    This is what happens when parents are not allowed to be parents, this is a prime example of a lack of discipline and structure. Butt whoopings keep kids from not doing thus crap.

  • Sad Mom

    Our government can take partial blame. We can’t discipline our kids, they’ll call and have CYS knock at our doors. We can’t talk to them with truth, we’ll hurt their feelings and turn them into a nut case. and in the end, regardless of how much help they might need, we can’t force them to seek mental health treatment. All we have left is pray for the best while we preparing for the worst.

  • Tina Swartz

    Kids are like this today because you are not allowed to discipline kids anymore without having Children and Youth sent to your door!! Give back the rights of parents to beat the child’s backside when they do wrong and they will grow up to be productive citizens

  • Charles Lee Ray

    what the hell is wrong with kids these days .from throwing rocks at cars to killing people to this .i remember a time where kids were not out of control . what next kids going on killing sprees

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