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Tearing Down and Fixing Up Mahanoy City

MAHANOY CITY — Many old coal towns in Schuylkill County are trying to reinvent themselves.

Mahanoy City is already halfway through its revitalization project but the next phase includes saying goodbye to an old landmark in the borough: the Kaier Brewery.

Mahanoy City is in the middle of its “Central Business District Streetscape Revitalization Program.”

“It can help develop more small business in the downtown area and attract more people to the community.”

The borough is currently in phase three of the program. By using grant money, Mahanoy City has been able to update sidewalks and street lights, also bringing in new business.

No Nonsense Neutering just opened its doors on Main Street.

“It’s a wonderful space for us. It’s all clean and modern. It works out great for us,” said Dr. John Prange.

Now the borough is trying to fix up something else.

“We’re kind of turning our attention toward North Main Street which would be a number of programs all encompassed in, what we’re calling streetscape stage four,” said Mahanoy City borough manager Dan Lynch.

One part of that streetscape project would be getting rid of the old Kaier Brewery building. People who live in Mahanoy City said they’re ready to get rid of that eyesore.

“It’s a disaster area and an accident waiting to happen.”

Caroline Griechen grew up across the street from the brewery. She remembers its heyday.

“They would light the star and play Christmas music at lunchtime. It was an hour worth of Christmas music whether you liked it or not.”

The borough plans to buy the Kaier building from its current owner for $1 then apply for grant money to tear it down.

“We’re also pursuing funding to put in a playground where the brewery was because across the street is a child development center for young kids.”

The Mahanoy City borough manager told Newswatch 16 the old Kaier building won’t be demolished until the borough gets approved for that grant.

The council hopes to have the complete streetscape project complete in 2016.


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