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Shopping For Back To College

MUNCY TOWNSHIP  — While many families are out shopping for back to school, there are many older students preparing to leave home for college. Newswatch 16 found some families getting ready for the start of the school year.

Shoppers at Target near Williamsport picked out pencils and backpacks for the upcoming school year.

Michele Wertman is from Danville. Her shopping cart is loaded with cleaning supplies and food.
She’s back to school shopping too, but, for a college student.

“My son. He’s going off to school next week and we need to get supplies,” said Michele Wertman.

Wertman brought a list with her to make sure she buys everything her son needs for college.

“Clothes baskets, tissues, shower caddy. Just going to get it. Don’t really have a choice,” said Wertman.

She said it’s starting to add up.

“One hundred (dollars) plus,” said Wertman.

College senior, Chelsea Blasi said she bought a lot for her first year at the University of Pittsburgh.

“You definitely need to be prepared,” said Blasi.

Blasi said parents can save money, by just getting the essentials first.

“You need all your notebooks highlighters everything,” said Blasi.

So, there are some things like these notebooks and paper that students may have to buy themselves. When it comes to the more expensive stuff, the Wertmans said they are trying to save money by first talking with roommates before buying them.

“If we get the sweeper, maybe somebody might bring like the brooms,” said Susan Wertman.

“You don’t want to bring two refrigerators or two microwaves,” said Joeseph Balduino, Director of Recruitment.

Joseph Balduino works with incoming freshmen at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport. He said students and parents can save time and money by asking the school exactly what students need.

“It’s important for the students to speak with Residents Life and the campus book store or the college store to find out what’s available to them,” said Balduino.

What “don’t” college students need to start the school year? Balduino says they should try to leave video games and things that will distract them from school work at home.


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