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More Charges For Teens Accused In Rock Throwing Case

MIFFLINBURG — Four teenagers are charged in the rock throwing incident in Union County that left a woman from Ohio critically hurt.

On Thursday, police charged two of those teens for hitting a second vehicle with rocks.

We learned more about what allegedly happened on the night of July 10 that left a woman from Ohio with life threatening injuries.

According to court papers, those four teenagers went out that night to do damage to a cornfield, mailboxes, and cars. Now, two of those teens face new charges.

Brothers Brett and Dylan Lahr were silent as they left district court in Mifflinburg.

“Do you have anything to say to the Budd family? Do you have anything to say to the Budd family? Your friends are all blaming this on you, Dylan. What do you think about that?”

The teenage brothers from New Columbia were in court to face more charges in connection with the rock throwing incident on July 10 that left Sharon Budd of Ohio with life threatening injuries.

Now, an additional charge of aggravated assault was filed against the Lahr brothers and another teen, Tyler Porter.

State police say those three teens along with Keefer McGee, 17, also threw rocks at another vehicle hitting the windshield of an out-of-state trucker.

Even though the brothers did not speak on camera, their attorney had a few things to say.

“Of course, they have feelings about this. But under my direction and my advice, I’m precluding them to say anything because this is a very public case,” said attorney Bruce Manchester.

The Lahr brothers were released on bail but are now on house arrest and must wear electronic monitoring bracelets. They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.


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