More Charges For Teens Accused In Rock Throwing Case

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MIFFLINBURG -- Four teenagers are charged in the rock throwing incident in Union County that left a woman from Ohio critically hurt.

On Thursday, police charged two of those teens for hitting a second vehicle with rocks.

We learned more about what allegedly happened on the night of July 10 that left a woman from Ohio with life threatening injuries.

According to court papers, those four teenagers went out that night to do damage to a cornfield, mailboxes, and cars. Now, two of those teens face new charges.

Brothers Brett and Dylan Lahr were silent as they left district court in Mifflinburg.

"Do you have anything to say to the Budd family? Do you have anything to say to the Budd family? Your friends are all blaming this on you, Dylan. What do you think about that?"

The teenage brothers from New Columbia were in court to face more charges in connection with the rock throwing incident on July 10 that left Sharon Budd of Ohio with life threatening injuries.

Now, an additional charge of aggravated assault was filed against the Lahr brothers and another teen, Tyler Porter.

State police say those three teens along with Keefer McGee, 17, also threw rocks at another vehicle hitting the windshield of an out-of-state trucker.

Even though the brothers did not speak on camera, their attorney had a few things to say.

"Of course, they have feelings about this. But under my direction and my advice, I'm precluding them to say anything because this is a very public case," said attorney Bruce Manchester.

The Lahr brothers were released on bail but are now on house arrest and must wear electronic monitoring bracelets. They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.


  • PUNISHTHE ED says This also !

    First and Foremost, I feel for Sharon the most, then her family, God Bless them ! Also God please Bless these 4 kids Parents/Guardians, they have gotten a bad rap. Parents cannot control their kids from going out on their own and doing this kind of evil crime without the parents knowing !

    I believe 100% with all my heart that these 4 kids parents would of NEVER allowed or condoned this activity EVER ! So it hurts me inside when I see people insulting the 4 kids parents/guardians. I cannot control my kids, or my kids friends, HOWEVER if I got wind of what my kid and my kids friends were up to you better believe 100% I would of STOPPED THIS before it ever happened ! Just as I believe ALL these 4 young men who committed this evil acts, Parents would of stopped it before it happened, had they have known !

    Yes Sharon Budd is the #1 focus of everyone’s prayers, and should be, but the parents of these 4 are victims also, of their kids STUPIDITY ! And the Parents do NOT belong being demonized for what their kids did on their own free will.

    So PLEASE in all the posts, remember these 4 youths Parents and family are VICTIMS also of this stupidity. Like I said, there are no winners on either side of this crime


    I know these 4 have people that love them also. BUT as hard as it may be, put yourselves in the Victims family’s shoes. What if you had 4 young guys do this to your Mom, Wife, Sister – Would you not be as infuriated as the community is ? There are no winners in this case, everyone loses, and life has been changed forever from one stupid act !

    • JP

      It appears from the report and the charges, there was more than ONE STUPID ACT caused by these idividuals. These kids deserve no sympathy, and deserve any punishment they have coming. Luckily they were caught now, cause this is not likely the first stupid things they have done, nor would they have been the last.

  • Stan N Debbie Crawford

    This is being taken too lightly by some….my wife was in icu next to Mrs. Budd and I’ve seen first hand just what they did to her……these young men (and i use the term loosely here) should be made to sit with her several hours every day so they see first hand just what their handy work has brought to an innocent victim and her ENTIRE family! In my eyes they should be charged with attempted murder as the rock’s velocity after being thrown coupled with the speed of the car acted like a bullet from a gun…… became a deadly weapon!

    • Karl

      Absolutely attempted murder. Theres mischief and then theres performing an action that could easily kill someone. It is pure luck shes not dead and could easily have been killed. Since the original news story, there have been other incidents of people throwing rocks from bridges! Justice needs to be served for her sake and the family’s and for all future victims or kids will not fear consequence and continue ruining good peoples lives.

    • K

      Oh I agree, if it were up to me, they would be put away for life where they couldn’t get out and do this evil stuff again. But I have worked with troubled kids for years so I tend to lean towards rehabilitation WHEN they’re young, however, truth be told when violence and indifference are involved; the recidivism rate is very high. And it had come to light that they confessed they were bent on a day of destruction. These “kids” also have a track record of being disruptive, disrespectful, and malcontent.

  • Stan Luigi

    Let the injured womans husband slam rocks against their heads. Go ahead and reverse the roles. She threw rocks off the overpass and the “kids” were hurt. Im sure the process would follow the same course, NOT!

  • Eric

    Those two will be smoking rocks in a few years. I’d like to see what their parents look like. I bet they are wastes of life too.



    More like 30 to 35 ! They should NOT see their freedom ever till they are at least 52 years old like their innocent victim !

    These 4 kids need SEVERELY PUNISHED, or others will copy these rock throwing clowns !

    • K

      I tend to agree with Robert, 5-10 because they are young. The system allows baby-shakers, peddies, and rapists walk around for pity’s sake who are like 20-60 years old! But if they re-offend in some way? C yas when sporting 50 shades of gray! And please don’t let them serve just 5 minutes of a REAL sentence!
      And whoever is thumbs-downing the comments expecting justice served? That doesn’t change a thing about what happened or the magnitude and attitude of what they did and confessed they were planning to do on the horrific day. Grace is not a license to kill, but a second chance at setting things right.

  • fred

    Back in the day when I was a kid if I did something like this when my Dad was done I would not sit for 2 weeks. But do not set you kids straight or you will get in trouble. Some kids need to know what a hickory stick is [I do]

      • Brandon

        Love is very important but smacking yor kids a few times is love. It shows you care about them because if not then this is where it gets them.

      • K

        Of course love over violence, but there must be consequences FOR perpetrated violence and thus sometimes it takes violence to be a peacemaker. I spanked my son whenever he did something REALLY stupid and/or dangerous. Most of the time he was just contained or confined as far as staying in his room, no friends over, etc…when he was little quiet time watching TV and so on.
        Love can get violent when required to defend oneself or a loved one TOO just sayin’!

  • Robert Bauersmith

    Mabe 5 to 10 years in a state pen would cue them of the rock throwing virus that is infecting their pea sized brains!

  • K

    “Of course, they have feelings about this. But under my direction and my advice, I’m precluding them to say anything because this is a very public case,” said attorney Bruce Manchester. That’s what happens when you become a public nuisance and a menace to society!

    “The Lahr brothers were released on bail but are now on house arrest and must wear electronic monitoring bracelets. They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.” About time someone grew a brain in this case, this is how it shoulda been from the get go since they were ALL moseying around the community out on bail. How comfortable do these judges think people in the community were with these guys roaming the streets freely?

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