Montrose Cop Hit With Theft Charge

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MONTROSE -- Authorities in Susquehanna County have charged a police officer with theft.

Rhonda Smith, 43, is an officer in Montrose and Lanesboro.

According to court papers, Officer Smith admits taking $700 from a woman.

The woman told state police that Officer Smith took more than that.

Smith's employment with the two police departments is unclear following the charges.


  • london kibler

    when you make a choice to do a job at a certain rate of pay you are making a choice to except all of the responsibilities of your choice if its not enough then don’t except it there are millions of people making that or less and manage to get by with out stealing she used her position to her benefit plain and simple hit her with the max

  • Capt Bogart

    Unfortunately none of the Susquehanna county, PA law enforcement are trusted. Why do you think that this county is such a mess.

  • No surprise

    No surprise there. Both her brothers are cops there too. Her brother was the sheriff who got in trouble a few years ago and lost his license. They drove him around in the squad car whenever he had to go somewhere. It was even on the news wnep….dig it up. Dale Smith is his name. Her other brother who isn’t a cop is also a waste of taxpayers money. Maybe she did it to help him. He lives in a pig stye with a dozen kids and has no job. They are all disgusting.

    • angee

      no surprise your comment is a joke and it sounds like you got a chip on your shoulder. you spend some time in the back of a squad car? you cant comment on this story but you cant be bothered to “dig up” the article you mention on the brother, so why not tell the whole story instead of insinuating he “got in trouble” for something worse. from what I read he was going after a speeding driver and happened to pass a school bus. any comments about the speeding driver or have you forgiven them? and as for your judgments on the rest, I hope every single one of your friends and family are perfect for when the magnifying glass hovers over you.

      • No surprise

        No, no chip in my shoulder at all. And I did comment on the story (you said I can’t) and you can dig up the article yourself. You know exactly what I am talking about that is why you chimed in. From what you “read”, so apparently you are informed on the story. So we tax payers paid to cart his butt around because of mistakes he made. And actually these people ARE my family (in laws)….why do you think I know what I do and have the opinion I do? So yes, I know the facts and have the right to speak my mind.

  • wondering

    No it’s never right to steal… but… anyone ask her why? If she’s ok? We all make mistakes and have to live with them and she will pay heavier consequenses than most because of her position. As we all wonder why maybe, just maybe it was an act of desperation? Occasionally circumstances make people do extreme things, maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge… I dunno

  • Bob in Susquehanna County

    Another crooked cop. What a surprise. Remember the Montrose Sergeant arrested in 2012 for murdering his wife? Every cop is a criminal so don’t bother to defend their actions. They are not heroes or anything like that. Most are pathological liars who get off on their tin badge and gun.

  • Me

    Hmmm. Police officer stealing in Pa ????
    No way !! Not in this stink hole of a corrupted state.
    This dope should run for congress or governor. She’d fit right in !!!
    Thieving little snot !

    • Rocco

      $8.25 comes with less desirable employees and lower standards. These employing towns knows this, you get what you pay for.

  • derrick

    She got what was coming to her. Now she needs to be held accountable for her actions and sent to jail. Oh wait, that’s right…cops are above the law.

      • derrick

        Arrested doesnt mean charged. I bet she ain’t even in jail. She will get off easy. When’s the last time you’ve seen a cop get justice for their crimes while wearing a badge. Government revenue generators is all they are.

    • Bob

      You get what you pay for, simple as that. These little towns need low standards to get away with paying less than a cashier at the dollar store.

    • margo

      If she worked at McDonalds and made $8.25 an hour everyone would scream! But she is a cop so we pay her too little? a thief is a thief is a thief!

    • london kibler

      tax payers expect her to do her job hummm!!!!!!!! she made the choice to except that job at that pay so do your job and do it correctly. just another example of how power can go to someone head proves that power corrupts. ” WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSABILITY” there’s no excuse for her actions that can justify what she did if you get pulled over for speeding you can have a hundred excuse as for why or it could be an honest mistake but you still get a ticket I say slap her with the max she’s in a position of authority and as such should be held to a higher standard.

  • Brandon

    Apparently we don’t pay our civil servants enough to get by if they have to resort to theft. God bless these brave men and women who put their life on the line everyday to protect us.

    • K

      Law enforcement should get paid more than 8 n change to be sure, but it’s still no excuse for thievery. A loser is a loser no matter what their uniform says; priest, doctor, teacher, cop, president, joe schmoe. All the same.

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