Habitat For Humanity In Need Of Help

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Wayne County are busy building something other than a house. Instead, a gazebo is going up right off Route 6.

Hammering, nailing, and measuring, volunteers are busy getting a gazebo built for Wayne County's Habitat for Humanity. It's a much smaller project than they're used to.

"It's been frustrating for those of us that really enjoy the building, but when you don't have the money to start, you can't do it," said building committee chairman Clyde Kreider.

The nonprofit group usually builds a house and sells it to someone in the community who otherwise could probably never buy one on their own.

But about $15,000 of extra costs with this land for their next build put Habitat for Humanity in too much of a hole. Engineering, survey, and clearing costs just added up too quickly.

"Rather than try and go forward and be concerned about cash flow, we decided to concentrate on rehabs this year," said Wayne County Habitat for Humanity President Mark Graziadio.

Volunteers are now busy building the gazebo and plan to raffle it off to raise money for the 2015 build.

Older volunteers said it's teaching them some new skills.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, yes. We have a fellow, Rich up there, who is an excellent carpenter, so you can always learn something new," said volunteer Leo O'Reilly.

Building this gazebo isn't just helping Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County fund its next build, it's also keeping their volunteers together.

"When we don't build a house, we lose half of our volunteers."

They said making their presence known in the Route 6 shopping plaza has drawn in some attention, too.

"Entertained at least, a number of them have blown their horns and such, but yes, and we want people to stop and buy a chance."

Chances can be bought at their build site. Call 570-251-8115 for more information.

The raffle will be held August 23.

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