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Does It Really Work? Phantom Saucer

This is the Phantom Saucer! The maker claims, it’s the illusion that’s out of this world! Any child age 6 and up can make this magic saucer float in mid air simply by reading the instructions and assembling the saucer.

To test the phantom saucer Newswatch 16’s Kurt Aaron went to the Wayne County Fair in Hondesdale.  A lot of kids were eager to test this new magic saucer.  Some adults monitored the kids’ assembly process to make sure the directions were followed to the t.

The first thing they noticed, the directions were a bit complicated for children.

What they found was the saucer requires the use of a very tiny, almost invisible string.  Trying to attach the string when you can barely see it, is tough. It was so difficult that one of the kids walked away.

After about 20 minutes, they were able to get the saucers assembled and ready for flight.  To make the saucer appear to float in mid- air, the invisible string is attached to the saucer and the other end attached to your ear.  It’s held on behind the ear by silly putty.

The testers were doing their best to make the saucer appear to float in mid-air.  It wasn’t easy, but after 10 minutes they started getting the hang of it.  It takes some practice, but eventually you can make it look like it’s floating.

After 30 minutes Kurt asked the testers what they thought of the phantom saucer magic trick.
The testers and some spectators were not fans of the phantom saucer.  They said the amount of effort you have to put into to making it appear to float isn’t worth the results.

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  • ME

    Couldn’t figure out put string above ear and attach to back with putty???? Can tell Scranton is broke, can’t even afford to teach …well…anything apparently. Didn’t sound complicated here!!

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