Cool Sculpting

If you're still looking to slim down this summer or lose a stubborn section of fat, a fairly new non-surgical procedure might be able to help.

It's all part of something called "cool sculpting."

The fat trimming and slimming procedure known as "cool sculpting" is getting more attention in our area. Plastic surgeons here at home, including those at Geisinger's Center for Aesthetic & Cosmetic surgery, say more people are signing up for it to target those hard to lose areas including belly and love handles.

The creators of "cool sculpting" describe the procedure as a "non-surgical fat reduction procedure that targets the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected."

To learn more about this FDA procedure, click here.

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  • unbenown2me

    They should try this on that fatty on “Dance Moms”. My money says the machine will overheat.

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