UPDATE: Amber Alert: Abducted Children Safe, Father Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: State Attorney General Kathleen Kane is reporting the two boys are safe and sound.   Authorities located the boys at a CVS in Staten Island, New York around 7:00 Thursday morning.

Authorities said the boy's father, Keith Belajonas, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Troopers said he killed the children's mother at a home near Philadelphia then took the children.

UPPER DARBY -- Pennsylvania State Police issued an Amber Alert early Thursday morning after troopers said a man abducted two small children near Philadelphia.

According to state police, Keith Belajonas, 32, took two boys from a home in Drexel Hill in Delaware County around 3:00 a.m.  The ages of the children are believed to be between four and seven.

Troopers said Belajonas was involved in a homicide at the same location.  Authorities said fled the scene with the children in a grey Nissan Pathfinder with a license plate of JDH-7477.

Responders believe the man is traveling through our area on his way to New York.  If you have any information you are asked to call 911.



  • Paul Zombie

    The use and abuse of a gun killed them both. I don’t believe in any sort of gun laws. They failed their children when they stopped communicating verbally and resorted to physical violence. The children will unfortunately grow up with their personal awareness of tragedy and horrible isolation and sadness.

  • Concerned

    What in the hell does ANY of this have to do with “taypayer’s money” and the goverment? What is wrong with you people?!

    • Kathleen Brenner

      They probably mean that since he killed himself there won’t be a trial and a court appointed lawyer and then feeding him in jail for however many years. That would be taxpayer money.

  • JP

    It was reported, somewhere on the news, that the father found out or caught his wife cheating on him. For what that is worth. Not saying his decisions thereafter were the ones he should have followed. Hopefully the kids will be able to go with a family member, but if not they will end up in foster care (which will cost taxpayers) and unfortunately potentially lead to even more issues for these kids to deal with. Glad the story isn’t more tragic than it already is.

  • luvshorses

    And now the children are orphans, and have witnessed such horrific incidents as their mother being killed in their presence and then their father killing himself. For what reason? My God, where does it end? Pray for the children.

  • domari nolo

    To protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. America’s chicken’s are coming home to roost. Time to wake up sheeple! terrorism begets terrorism, violence begets violence

  • K

    Our Domestic Relations system gives many people nothing left to lose. What he did was wrong but no one knows the whole story except for the 2 dead individuals. The most dangerous person is one with nothing left to lose and there are many created daily through Domestic Relations. Maybe this was his way of giving the best life possible to his kids. Not all women are flawless and not all dads are scum as the Domestic Relations system would have you believe. Maybe she was great and maybe he is scum…or maybe the kids will have a great life. Its all subjective now..

  • Solomon Grundy

    Happy the kids are safe…this clown did society and the taxpayers a favor….He ended up doing the right thing by doing himself in and not taking someone else with him…Overall it had a good ending

  • Lyndley

    This story doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve read it over countless times & unless I’m missing something, I don’t understand it. Doesn’t it say the father committed suicide? Why are we looking for him if he’s dead? I’m truly confused

    • KJR

      The article says they found Keith Belajonas dead of an apparent SELF-INFLICTED gunshot would which would mean suicide. It also said it was an UPDATE to the original Amber Alert and since they found him they are no longer looking for him. They listed the Update story at the top beginning with the paragraph: “UPDATE: State Attorney General Kathleen Kane is reporting the two boys are safe and sound. Authorities located the boys at a CVS in Staten Island, New York around 7:00 Thursday morning.” Next they listed the original story beginning with the paragraph reading: “UPPER DARBY — Pennsylvania State Police issued an Amber Alert early Thursday morning after troopers said a man abducted two small children near Philadelphia.”

  • K

    This guy would’ve saved a world of hurt if he just did himself in in the first place! This not a man but a selfish individual who’s kids are better off without him sorry to say. I am glad the kids are sage and sound. Sound? Well that will have to come with time.
    @dave while you’re statement has SOME merit, being a ny transplant myself I have more sense and class in my little finger than some of these people I have met and mingled with around here in their whole gene pool. There is best and messed everywhere and some people here are one hot mess given the fact of some OTHER news stories we here lately!

    • K

      *safe* and sound. Right on Jaybird, at leasty MY typo was irrelevant! lol! must be from all that gardening I am doing now! I neglected to say I am grieved at the loss of their mother. My cousin was murdered few years back by her psycho husband which lends me to even less sympathy and zero empathy for these “poor” and “sick” individuals. Most men do this when they crew up their lives and lose their families and if he can’t have ’em no one will. Again, I thank you God the children are safe!


    As much as “New Yorker’s” have to do with this persons actions. Read “DAVE’S” comment. If you’re an authority you lack good instinct, otherwise you just made a typo??

  • deanna

    Well that was real smart on his part not now who do those kids have.. I hope they are returned to the mothers family members I’m sure they want nothing to do with their dad’s side of the family considering what he just put them through.. so sad that they are going to have so much grief to go through thank god they are safe

  • Me

    This goof will be caught. Just pray to God nothing happens to those kids. If he already killed someone , those kids are in big trouble.
    Every trooper and local cop should be on those roads stopping everyone !!!!!!!

  • Fratboy

    According to the AP, this guy shot his wife and took his sons. Why does a WNEP over dramatize to make it sound like a stranger abduction?

    • Anonymous

      Um. Last time I checked, Philadelphia isn’t in NY lol He’s probably headingbto Canada since he’s heading upstate.

      • Dave

        Ummmm, he’s a new yuck transplant now living near Philly and the kids were located in Staten Island where his family is from

    • leeroy Jenkins

      He is from staten island, looks like a real prize waving his pistols in the air as his profile pic on meet you .com
      . God these people cannot die fast enough.. thank god the kids are ok at least

    • jaybird

      A change from inbred is good sometimes. Don’t stereotype because I know not all people here are inbreeds, but if we don’t come from other areas it’s likely to happen.

      • Brian

        Jay bird, what the duck does inbreeding have to do with this??? Go back to smoking your meth and let the authorities figure this one out… Glad the kids are safe!!!

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