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Man Charged In Connection With Road Rage

KINGSTON — Louis Boch of Wilkes-Barre is adamant he did nothing wrong. In fact, he told Newswatch 16 another driver threatened to kill him after a disagreement on the roadway Wednesday.

Police said it started on Market Street in Kingston. Investigators said Boch was driving and pulled out in front of another driver, almost causing a collision.

When that other driver pulled alongside Boch and demanded answers, cops said Boch pulled out a silver handgun, pointed it, and then waved it around in the air.

“Nobody’s perfect, but to point guns at each other over you know, getting mad on the road? It’s really ridiculous,” said Jessica Rodriguez when she learned of the charges.

Some people said they do not hear much about road rage in this area, but they are not completely surprised it may have happened.

“I think it’s just crazy people being crazy, you know? No mater where you go, you’re going to find people who are going to do stupid things and find people who are going to lose their cool,” said Nicki Hemingway of Scranton.

“I think it’s crazy all this stuff keeps happening here. You’ve got drugs and gangs and now road rage,” said John Sydlick of Hanover Township.

After the alleged road rage, police in Wilkes-Barre boxed in Boch’s vehicle near Public Square in the city before arresting him.

“I think it’s disgusting. The city is just becoming, I don’t know, so filled with violence,” said Leigh WIlliams of Hanover Township.

“The world would be such a better place if everybody would just do unto others as they would have others do unto them, you know?” said Rodriguez.

Boch was arraigned on charges including harassment, simple assault, and disorderly conduct.


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