Three PA Schools Rank on ‘Top Party Schools’ List

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LEWISBURG -- The Princeton Review has ranked this year's top party schools and three schools in the Keystone State have ranked in the top 10.

Lehigh University is number six, Penn State is number seven, and Bucknell University is number nine.

That comes as a shock to some.

"Even for a small school, they do have a graduate program so that does give you sort of the impression of a very sort of stoic institution of higher learning, so it's definitely a surprise," said Kate Bewley, who works at Bucknell University.

Others said Bucknell being on the list is not really so surprising.

"It's college, you know? Like everybody just wants to have fun because some of them didn't have fun in high school, but hey, whatever, like as long as they're safe," said Acetyn Starr of Lewisburg.

"That's kind of a wealthy school so I wouldn't be surprised that there's parties, like block parties going on all the time," said RaShaun Fordyce of Lewisburg.

Syracuse University topped the party school list for 2014.


  • tiffany shaffer

    Its about time that people realize that bloomsburg isn’t as bad as the news shows it as. Proof that there are schools with more of a party issue. Bloom has one weekend a year that is block party. News station need to find the real stories of what goea down cause most of the time the police start it all and blame it on the students. Its part of the experience but focus your news stories else where or get the real story Bloom is calm compared to so many other places.

  • tom

    What is this Kate Bewley on that this is a surprise to her.After all-we are in PA where drinking is a favorite pass time of alot of the folks.

  • Shawn Starr Shea

    and before anybody makes fun of me please stop I have hypoglycemia and my vision is very blurry so I was voice texting I did not do very good with the writing so blame it on my smartphone and I love it though the galaxy s5 the gold one

  • Shawn Starr Shea

    And I forgot to mention that they missed another college that knows how to party! Lol it’s called indiana university pennsylvania you know with that stands for here goes I’ll text you see how smart you are lol okay here it goes it stands for capital letter I capital letter u capital letter p and that stands for I USUALLY PARTY!

  • Shawn Starr Shea

    And here it goes the truth well I’ll just say one thing I ended up at the most professional building on campus at Bucknell University and I did my first party and they taught me how to dance they were so kind I was dressed up like a cheerleader a girl gave me a free stripper costume to get started and we were the best strippers ever I learned from the best in my first party and dancing was at Bucknell University it is the best party I ever put on so far anyhow they were very good people they were gentleman they were not pig’s. and if I had the chance I would do it all over again not now I wouldn’t get naked but I will return I already started my video it’s such a coincidence it’s so funny because I didn’t even remember it just came back and I set it on my video well I learn from the high class and they did not even try to touch and the song that I remember was prince! It was a good memory. And I shall return. And I’m going to have a Run walk for one of my trademarks! BOO-BEES, YES THAT IS ME THE OWNER! LOL. AND I WAS EVEN TELLING, some friends on Facebook. That it’s going to start at Bucknell University I think it is just funny that it is a coincidence that I was saying that 3 days ago . Good night!

  • Shawn Starr

    Well I’m proud of my son Ace-tyn Starr they interviewed him and he said the truth I am so proud of him that’s my first born son and I wrote Newswatch 16 the truth about Bucknell University is the best only the best go to the best college and it’s very classy that’s where the good people go my 1 big sister named Carol went there to college and she used to take me there when I was very young and she took me to the indoor pool holy crap when I was young I could not believe how big everything was but I Jump off the highest diving bored and it was just so cool because we even got to take showers and I wasn’t even afraid when I was very young I remember trying not to even look at anyone so I looked at their feet and this girl cool nails polish done and I’m going to do it tomorrow and put it up Facebook a picture it was really pretty and very easy anyway I’m tired goodnight and to my son well both of them I love them. and of course my son was the cutest one on the TV and said it doesn’t matter well just look at his eyes you’ll know he’s my son and I started my video it was a coincidence I was talking about what happened at Bucknell University of Pennsylvania. in time you shall find out it was the best and the best party ever they do remember me and I still go and live it up and party with the high class people not low class that make fun of people

  • K

    Well they recently improved their website, the moderators on the website could use a thicker skin, however the most concerning factor about this is that it is the main television new station for our area mind you I don’t often watch it on TV but I would imagine that their reporters and anchors carry a little more weight. Their budget must be spread thin because I agree the writing could be better. I do think though it has to do with the editor in charge of what’s released for our reading pleasure because they just want to get it our there so they pressure their writers to put a story out there without all the facts. This is not so unusual particularly in breaking stories of interest, but it should be emphasized therein further information is pending and the initial piece carefully presented with impact focused on the significance of the event not so much just any event. That just makes the piece come off cheesy. Their “body found in a home in Watsontown” story is a perfect example of this.

  • Fratboy

    Unlike Princeton Review, which relies heavily on student surveys, along with surveys of administrators, U.S. News said it bases its rankings on up to 16 indicators of academic excellence.

    Forbes says it focuses more on what students are getting out of college than factors they bring, such as class rank and SAT scores. It uses student satisfaction, post-graduate success, graduation rate, and academic success.

  • Fratboy

    What was the criteria used to establish this ranking? What are these schools compared to, as in size, enrollment, arrests. . Just one more WNEP innuendo story. Among all television stations in NEPA, WNEP ranks as the yellowish form of journalism, according to this self-acclaimed expert.

    • Joe

      WNEP is terrible. I think they get their journalists and proofreaders from the bottom three kindergartens in the state.

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