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Three PA Schools Rank on ‘Top Party Schools’ List

LEWISBURG — The Princeton Review has ranked this year’s top party schools and three schools in the Keystone State have ranked in the top 10.

Lehigh University is number six, Penn State is number seven, and Bucknell University is number nine.

That comes as a shock to some.

“Even for a small school, they do have a graduate program so that does give you sort of the impression of a very sort of stoic institution of higher learning, so it’s definitely a surprise,” said Kate Bewley, who works at Bucknell University.

Others said Bucknell being on the list is not really so surprising.

“It’s college, you know? Like everybody just wants to have fun because some of them didn’t have fun in high school, but hey, whatever, like as long as they’re safe,” said Acetyn Starr of Lewisburg.

“That’s kind of a wealthy school so I wouldn’t be surprised that there’s parties, like block parties going on all the time,” said RaShaun Fordyce of Lewisburg.

Syracuse University topped the party school list for 2014.


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