Restaurant Will Close if Owner Does Not Find Buyer

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MILL HALL -- A family-run restaurant in Clinton County that's been around for more than 20 years is set to close at the end of the month. The owner says she's ready to retire and if somebody doesn't buy the business, she'll close for good.

By lunch time, the Aungst Family Restaurant on Eagle Valley Road in Mill Hall, near Lock Haven, was crowded with customers. The family-run business has been open for more than 20 years. Now, owner, Darla Aungst says she's ready to retire. She plans to close the restaurant at the end of August.

"It's going to be a very sad day. Very hard day for myself, the employees, and I'm sure the customers,” said Darla Aungst, owner of Aungst Family Restaurant.

"When Darla told me she was closing it was very sad," said Billie Evers, manager at Aungst Restaurant.

"I'm kind of disappointed. I don't know where we'll go," said Candy Jodun.

Candy Jodun from Waterville was eating lunch with her husband.

"I was surprised. I had no idea they were closing. Every good little restaurant is closing anymore," said Jodun.

Jodun says there are some specials on the menu she'll miss.

"The ham barbecues," said Jodun.

However, it's the family atmosphere that will be hard to replace.

"They take time preparing the food. It's not frozen and you're getting it," said Jodun.

"You want to have a place to go and be quiet and enjoy; this is it. This is a good place," said Jean Carter.

Carter is from Lock Haven. She stopped in to have lunch with some friends. Now that the Aungst is closing, she says she plans to come more often.

"We wanted to have one more time or two to enjoy before the end of the month," said Carter.

The restaurant sits on a couple acres of land. The owner hopes that it will entice someone to buy the property. For now, she hopes someone will lease the property and buy the restaurant, so it can stay open.

"I'm hoping that, you know, that someone comes along, you know, that is interested," said Aungst.

"It would still be nice to have the restaurant part of it," said Mary Falls from Beech Creek.

The owner says her 30-some employees are looking for new jobs. She plans to close August 30. However, she is still looking for a buyer.


  • Hank Gribble

    Hopefully there will be a buyer that comes along and runs it as is. Current employees can help with that. The restaurant business is tough, but with this one surviving 20+ years, I’d assume it’s quite a success. Hopefully someone with enough capital comes along and keeps it going.

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