Police: Man Tortured Kittens, One Survived

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WAYNE COUNTY -- State police in Wayne County said a man will face animal cruelty charges for hurting two kittens so badly that one needed to be put down.

It's been two months since Victoria Linsalato has seen either of her kittens. She was only picking up one at the Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic near Honesdale.

Mary and Jane were only six months old at most when state police said a man who was supposed to be caring for them wound up harming the two so badly last week, that one needed to be put down.

"I heard he killed Mary, beat her to death, and hit her in the head. I don`t know with what, she has a cracked skull and we're just going to take care of her and love her," said Linsalato.

Jane spent a few days at the vet's, her head swollen 3-times its size from the alleged abuse. Linsalato explained she trusted the friend to watch the kittens after a fire at her home in June meant she couldn't keep the cats. While Mary is gone, Jane will need to be watched closely by her owners and by vets.

"I threw up, that's how sick it made me. I`m happy I got Jane back and she's safe and sound now."

The investigating trooper said the suspect threw one of the cats up against the wall at least 5 times, the other cat suffered major head injuries, only one survived. Investigators said it amounts to torture and the suspect will face charges.

"Her bones were all broken, they showed me the x-rays and everything was broken in her body," added Linsalato.

Investigators plan to file charges against the man this week.

His name has not been released.


  • Chris

    I honestly think that something should be done about animal cruelty around here. Can we please form a committee or something to stop horrible people like this. It’s things like this that just let me know that this world is imperfect and it’s hard for me to live knowing stuff like this happens. It’s really bothering me emotionally. Every living thing deserves to have a good life. And it’s completely unfair that those kittens are dead and that man is still living his life. An animals life is just as valuable as a humans.

  • linda

    They need harsher punishment for animal abuse. Whoever did this will probably get probation or a fine.

  • ME2

    What a sick puppy! Anyone who has such anger, needs professional help in dealing with it. I guess he felt like a big deal, after doing this. That’s what pathetic losers who feel powerless in life, do. Take out their anger on someone/thing who can’t defend themselves. I hope they charge him, after throwing him against the wall and beating him, till his bones crack. As for this woman, she’s obviously a bad judge of character and has friends in low, low places.

  • Eileen

    From the Times Tribune:
    1 kitten dead after extreme trauma
    HONESDALE — State police are investigating a case of animal cruelty that left two kittens with extreme trauma and one of them dead.
    The animals had multiple fractures, which required one to be euthanized, state police said.
    Charges against the owner, Brandon Sullum, 23, of Honesdale, are pending.

  • tom

    Let’s through him against a wall-along with that scumbag baby killer.Oh-i forgot-we have to spend money for lawyers for them-money for housing them in jail-hoe dumb of me.

  • JK

    Why are we so often not permitted the names of these people? Come on WNEP and police if people are brave enough to torture kittens they ought to be brave enough to have us know who they are! Same goes for those worthless beyond rehabilitation human debris that throw rocks off overpasses!

  • Max

    No joke, I’d like to run into this dude six months from now and have some fun. Always wanted to try grilled liver.

  • k

    He should be thrown against the wall at least 5 times by someone 5 times his size and every bone broken in his body! Pig

  • Feline Fanatic

    Cats are adorable and so cute. They might scratch and not be to fond of humans, but they are still living creatures and we should all treat them as such. My kitty cat is old (12 years), and she is my best friend. They may not love owners or have the ability to be trained like dogs, but they will cuddle with you for love. If this person didn’t like cats so much, why did he not find a loving home for it if even temporarily? I think we should toss him against the wall to see what it is like.

  • K

    It’s a sorry-a**-sick-low-life individual hat has to prove his power at something so defenseless. Noodle-D.

  • I ♥ Jenna

    Normally I don’t agree with comments stating “do this or that” to an individual but it this case, fire at will!

  • Karen

    He is beyond a scumbag!! What he did to those innocent kittens should be done to HIM! I would be glad to be the one to do it!!

  • crackers81

    Nothing is as low in this world as abusing those incapable of defending themselves. Pray to water faeries you believe in that WE never cross paths, lest you find that out for yourself. Kittens…you killed KITTENS.


  • Rebecca

    This makes me sick. What kind of horrible creature are you that you could kill a defenseless animal this way?

    • E

      @JOSH. He didn’t say “original” name, you attached that word genius. Refer to the last sentence of the article you are commenting about. The one you obviously only read half way. Lol. He’s interested in knowing the name of the person who harmed the kittens. His statement was clearly written so it’s your fault you didn’t understand it. Don’t insult someone just because you are confused. LOL.

      • L

        E–I believe he was referring to the names of the kittens, “Mary” and “Jane” – mary jane being another name for marihuana. So…speaking of understanding comments…

    • D

      Mary Jane is also the name of a peanut butter candy. What’s your point and what difference does it make what the kitten’s names were! I hope he gets the same treatment he gave them!!

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