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More Rocks Thrown At Vehicles

WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP — A truck driver says a rock was thrown through his windshield early Monday morning, while he was driving in Schuylkill County.

He was not hurt.

That truck driver says he was driving near Shenandoah around 1:30 a.m. Monday when a teenager jumped in front of his truck. Once he slowed down, the teen ran off the road, and his windshield was pelted with rocks.

Raymond Ebersole says his workday started off normal. He was driving along Route 924 near Shenandoah around 1:30 when he says things took a turn for the worse.

“Some kid jumps out in the highway in front of me and goes like this. But he runs right back off the road,” Ebersole said.

He says he slowed down to avoid hitting the teenager.

“No sooner did the rocks started coming, the rocks came through the windshield, he banging and the glass flying.”

“I was pretty worried about him because he thought he had glass in his eye,” said Ebersole’s wife Kelly.

He and his wife showed Newswatch 16 the damage the rocks did to his truck. The couple says the incident reminds them of what happened to Sharon Budd last month when she was hit in the face by a rock on Interstate 80.

“After hearing the story and following the story of the Budd family, just worrying, oh my goodness, you know? Why is this happening?” Kelly said.

“This ended up at my feet. This is scary. This is real. This is wrong,” Raymond added.

Ebersole is self-employed, which means he has to pay for all of this damage by himself. Plus he misses out on an entire day’s wages. That’s hundreds of dollars for something he did not do.

“That’s why I want these kids caught. Maybe they can pay for it,” he said.

The couple says they are especially shaken up because Kelly often rides along while Raymond drives his route.

“If I would have been with, that would have been me.”

Ebersole says after the rock throwing incident he saw the teenagers take off on ATVs.

If you have any information you are asked to call state police.


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