More Rocks Thrown At Vehicles

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WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- A truck driver says a rock was thrown through his windshield early Monday morning, while he was driving in Schuylkill County.

He was not hurt.

That truck driver says he was driving near Shenandoah around 1:30 a.m. Monday when a teenager jumped in front of his truck. Once he slowed down, the teen ran off the road, and his windshield was pelted with rocks.

Raymond Ebersole says his workday started off normal. He was driving along Route 924 near Shenandoah around 1:30 when he says things took a turn for the worse.

"Some kid jumps out in the highway in front of me and goes like this. But he runs right back off the road," Ebersole said.

He says he slowed down to avoid hitting the teenager.

"No sooner did the rocks started coming, the rocks came through the windshield, he banging and the glass flying."

"I was pretty worried about him because he thought he had glass in his eye," said Ebersole's wife Kelly.

He and his wife showed Newswatch 16 the damage the rocks did to his truck. The couple says the incident reminds them of what happened to Sharon Budd last month when she was hit in the face by a rock on Interstate 80.

"After hearing the story and following the story of the Budd family, just worrying, oh my goodness, you know? Why is this happening?" Kelly said.

"This ended up at my feet. This is scary. This is real. This is wrong," Raymond added.

Ebersole is self-employed, which means he has to pay for all of this damage by himself. Plus he misses out on an entire day's wages. That's hundreds of dollars for something he did not do.

"That's why I want these kids caught. Maybe they can pay for it," he said.

The couple says they are especially shaken up because Kelly often rides along while Raymond drives his route.

"If I would have been with, that would have been me."

Ebersole says after the rock throwing incident he saw the teenagers take off on ATVs.

If you have any information you are asked to call state police.


  • Greg B.

    “No sooner did the rocks started coming, the rocks came through the windshield, he banging and the glass flying.”
    What in the name of God does that sentence mean? “he banging”? Yeah, I think it’s time to start re-blogging these articles all over the net – we’ll get actual journalism here one way or another…

  • just sayin

    Out at 1:30 am on 4wheelers and their parents have no clue who was out at that hour!? No neighbors heard them coming home. I sure hope someone comes forward with some information so they get caught. Hopefully they will get caught and have to pay for the damages. They should throw them in cells with real-tough guys for a few months to teach them a good hard lesson before they kill someone. Unfortunately, If they get caught they will probably give them a slap on the wrist and send them on their way to do it asgain. They should be made an example out of and give them maximum penalties. If they are minors hold the parents responsible. Confiscate the 4-wheelers and sell them to pay for damages.

  • AJB

    Ya he decided to to throw a rock through this own windshield to lie to the insurance..”or some crap”. Calling you an idiot would be insulting idiots world-wide. Go back to your mom’s basement..

  • Connie Wolfe

    To Joe Foster’s comment ….. “who runs out in front of a truck”?? The same idiot that throws rocks at a truck. WTH??

    • Hank Gribble

      That’s like saying every alcohol consumer has messed up kids…same with every homosexual, christian, muslim, hindu, etc. We’re on the verge of stopping 420 problems if done responsibly…so go find something new to accuse and generalize…I’ve seen the most prestigious of people have a kid ruin someones life like this…it doesn’t put all into one category. Old laws will change…you won’t. The world won’t change for you I’m sorry to say. You have to prove 420 destroyed someones life before you can get anywhere at all with the hate for it.

  • Aniecea Dickerson

    To Joe Foster, you must be a special kind of idiot. “Ebersole is self-employed, which means he has to pay for all of this damage by himself.”

  • mdog

    I was hit by a golf ball 3/4 way thru the windshield. it was like an explosion.
    I was very lucky i had large lens sun glasses on.
    I had glass shrapnel stuck in my face and arms like about 100
    of them. i TELL you this because we all should wear some kind of glasses while
    driving. It saved me Thank God.

    • jbrony

      That’s the problem, K – they aren’t being raised. When did being a ‘bad’ teen go from smoking and underage drinking to destruction of property (rocks, setting things on fire) and endangering peoples lives? If it continues one of these punks will get shot or run over.

      • K

        Everything you said in spades. I know I raised my son to know right from wrong and I am strict about ethics to a fault and sometimes I still cannot believe what comes out of his mouth or things he does, however, luckily to my knowledge nothing like this! He wasn’t permitted to just go out at all hours and do whatever either and certain television programming, music, and video games are not allowed in the house at all. And I still find myself that question!

  • Snshn

    Unbelievable! After the recent events of Sharon Budd & family, it’s psychotic that anyone would even contemplate doing such a thing. With all the media about the previous tragedy these kids knew exactly what could possibly happen by their actions.
    Where are the parents of these children? They should also be held accountable for this crime.
    Thank The Lord this latest hadn’t ended with similar results.
    I truly hope they find these idiots and their parents!

  • John

    This is rediculous I’m a teenager and I do stupid things but not like this really you could have killed the man behind that wheel I want him caught and thrown in jail for a long time

  • Barry

    Look into the victim compensation fund. It is there for people with your circumstances. If you qualify they will pay for your lost wages, any fees, and all damages you had to pay for. And then when these criminals are caught, which they will be, they will have to repay the compensation fund on top of there fines and restitution. Not only that you could file a civial suite for emotional damages to yourself and your wife once these criminals are caught. Good luck! I hope they are caught soon before they really hurt someone else or worse yet kill someone.

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