Federal Prosecutors Seek to Dismiss Charges Against Lupas

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Newswatch 16 has learned federal prosecutors are seeking to dismiss charges against Anthony Lupas, who is accused of scamming investors out of millions of dollars.

According to court papers, U. S. Attorney Peter Smith is asking a judge to dismiss the case due to Lupas' deteriorating health after a medical examination.

Last year a judge ruled Lupas, who is in his late 70s, was not mentally competent to stand trial.

On January 7, Lupas was committed to the mental health unit in a federal corrections facility in North Carolina.


  • Charlie Lucky

    WOW, coruption in the NEPA legal system is astonishing, and with no regard, they throw it right in your face. Dismiss the charges??? How about getting him pay back what he stole first. From people who were counting on that money to live on during retirement, PAY IT BACK. Nah, he won’t have to, he knows whose palm to grease to walk away from this. NEPA CORRUPTION AT IT’S FINEST. It just goes on and on and on, never stops. My retirement can not come soon enough, SO I CAN GET OUT OF NEPA. It is just disgusting to watch this beautiful area being dragged down with these crooked people, and thats my 2 cents worth.

  • P. Kersey

    Yep who didn’t see this coming! JUSTICE in LUZERNE COUNTY. I don’t care what anyone says this and like all the other crap that went on in this county is a complete joke. I don’t know why people haven’t gathered up on the court house steps demanding justice. This country is too far gone. Might as well join the criminals.

    • tom

      You are totally right-NEPA is ridiculous.Perhaps people should start rallying-maybe the politicians will get the hint.Does his family-partners have to pay back?

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