Another Teen Charged In Highway Rock-Throwing Case

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- A fourth teenager has been charged with a rock throwing incident in Union County that seriously injured a woman.

Authorities say Keefer McGee, 17, of New Columbia was charged Monday as an adult with aggravated assault and other counts.

Police say McGee and three others threw a rock off an overpass along Interstate 80 near Milton last month.

The rock smashed through a windshield, injuring Sharon Budd of Ohio.

Officials at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville said Budd's condition had been upgraded to serious.


  • poorpeople

    It is true. Kids at that age can only picture what they expect to happen. What did they expect? I couldn’t tell you. The human brain doesn’t finish growing until 21 to 24 years old. And in the teen time frame, it’s the section that would process how horrible of an idea that was. But let’s face it, who hasn’t done something that could have harmed someone else, intentionally or unintentionally? Everyone does stupid things and don’t always process all the possible outcomes. Speeding, not coming to a full stop at a stop sign, all things most people will do but never think exactly how dangerous it can be. I can say I haven’t lived a perfect life, and am honest enough with myself to admit that. The rest of you are, apparently, blameless and perfect. I feel sorry for you if you believe people, especially younger people, should be held to the stand of Jesus. I, speaking for myself, know I’ve made mistakes and will make mistakes, but use them as a chance to grow as a person and help others with my past mistakes. Life is learning and living. I am a mere human, and know that all these people on here are (as they judge others) God. Good luck in all your perfect lives, I’ll continue living in reality.

  • realityisntopinion

    No, I am not. I have no idea who any of these people are. But it is science… the brain doesn’t mature completely until 24 or so. They can’t understand exactly what all could happen, including personal injury. I’m not saying what they did was right. What I am saying is you can’t judge a person’s life on one thing, especially as a teen. Of course, I’m sure everyone was perfect. No one ever went out and did stupid things, ever. I’ve made mistakes. I’ll admit that. So, since you believe you are a blameless and perfect person, never did a single thing wrong that could have unintentionally lead to harm (as small as speeding, because that is dangerous and illegal), go on living in your delusional world. Things happen, and regardless of whether or not it was an intention to harm someone, you still need to see the long term outcome.

    • realityisntopinion

      At that age, they aren’t able to figure out the real outcomes. Don’t believe me? Ask about any doctor or psychologist. Sorry, its real science, not opinion. And what does prison do to kids? It ruins them. Ive seen it first hand. Just remember, you can’t hold them forever. That kid you send to prison goes in misguided, and comes out angry and hardened. It sounds good, but there is no rehabilitation in there. The concept is clear, you can’t learn good and how to be good around the worst of the worst. A month in jail, hundreds of hours of community service and years of probation. Show them what jail is like, have them help people, and a long time held over them to encourage positive growth.

      • Hank Gribble

        …and also make them meet with the victim they hurt at least once a month to see what they have done.

      • Jim Streeter

        I can only imagine you are a parent of one of these vandals. No one is showing sympathy towards them…you should be ashamed. They ruined someones life in a very preventable situation, and they are old enough to comprehend what happened.

      • Russ Kunzleman

        What does throwing a rock over an overpass do? It ruins people. It’s real science, not opinion.

      • K

        That condescending crap coming out of your mouth is what breeds humans to do the kind of harm these kids caused, and that’s not all! Do you think this community is stupid? Do you think WE think this kind of behavioral problem happens overnight? A lot of people in the community KNOW these boys and KNOW what they’re like so please, spare us the sermon. Do you even care what their night of “well nobody’s perfect so let’s cause madness and mayhem” because for whatever stupid reason they did? Yeah so what if you’re a parent, family, or friend? You’re entitled to an opinion, but you KNOW what they say about those! Oh, we didn’t know driving through SOMEONE else’s property would destroy it, we didn’t know stealing steaks from weis’s is wrong, we didn’t know bashing OTHER people’s mailboxes that ISN’T ours is wrong, oh we didn’t know that smashing a 4 and a half pound rock through someone’s windshield would harm or possibly kill them, and so on…Why are you NOT more concerned about the harm inflicted on the Budd family? Why lump everything together like we are ALL guilty of this crime? Yes we all deserve to pay for what we have done, and yes by God’s Grace we get through it but this is NOT a platform for criminals and their cheerleaders! Yes we are ALL guilty of stupidity and carelessness and THANK GOD we didn’t cause harm in most cases but the part of the story YOU left out is the intent to cause mischief. They admitted to planning a night of mayhem. If they get off easy do you think they’re just gonna be able to mosey where they please? You don’t think SOME people with a CLUE won’t let them anywhere NEAR their kids or their homes? Especially when their fans like YOU show just as little remorse as they have? Where are their families apologies to the Budd family and the community where these kids lived for pulling this garbage?!?! And FYI? The bible says the age of accountability is 13! So that puts somewhat of a damper on your little analysis. It’s people like you is why bullying in our schools is never put to an end, oh wing-winge-whine, they no not what they do! And that might be right, because so many kids are just not taught right from wrong and left to the device, oh well, that’s kids for ya?! Really?! Yes Jesus said the same about the Roman soldiers, they know not what they do because they weren’t taught what they were doing was wrong! They were following orders. Are we training and raising up Roman soldiers, or productive God-fearing members of our community that are going to amount to something other than an incarcerated inmate who’s a burden to the taxpayers?

  • Robert Bauersmith

    Now another incident, might sound harsh but when these kids are caught they need to get about 10 years in state prison, maybe they will learn a lesson and maybe some other idiots will think twice before they do the same stupid thing.

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