Two Dozen Vehicles Vandalized in Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA -- Vandals hit about two dozen parked vehicles in part of Schuylkill County.

People in one Tamaqua neighborhood woke up Saturday morning to find someone damaged the paint jobs on their vehicles, and now it will cost a pretty penny for the victims to get them fixed.

Tamaqua Fire Department's Assistant Chief, James Connely, showed Newswatch 16 just some of the damage done sometime Friday night into Saturday morning.

Connely parked the fire department's truck outside his home on Gay Street, and now the paint on the side has been damaged by whatever vandals sprayed as they went by.

"I did not notice it happened. I left my house yesterday morning at 7:30, I got a call, was my car hit by the acid. That's when I found out," said Connely.

According to the assistant fire chief, about two other vehicles were hit along Gay Street and Mountain Avenue. His wife's car was also hit.

"I guess once they applied water to it to remove what was on it. It showed all bare metal where the acid supposedly they used hit the vehicle," said Connely.

Not only was Brynn Lehatto's car damaged, so was her parents' car.

"Thanks a lot. It's awful, really. I mean, I have a job and it's hard enough for me to be paying what I need to pay. My parents as well, they're hard workers. Very devastating to see what they did to their car," said Lehatto.

While police try to track down whoever left these cars and trucks looking this way, victims will have to shell out money to have the paint jobs repaired.

"An awful person, someone who's not appreciative, very immature, obviously doesn't care for other people's property," said Lehatto.

"There are some very depraved individuals out there who think it's fun to destroy other people's property. That's the world we live in today," stated Connely.

Police in Tamaqua are investigating the vandalism.

Anyone with information that could help track down the vandals can call officers at 570-668-5000.


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