Man Accused of Hiding Son’s Corpse Has Roots in Schuylkill County

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SHENANDOAH -- Roberta Tutko started shaking when she heard the news.

She had seen a story on television about a man in Harrisburg accused of hiding his 8-year-old son's corpse for days after the child's death.

But she didn't realize the accused man, was in fact her cousin Jarrod Tutko Sr.

"Just seen it on the news this morning. They said they found a little boy dead and he was dead a couple of days, and I didn't put two and two together," Roberta Tutko said.

She says Jarrod Tutko Sr. had always been a "nice kid," friendly, and good about visiting. She says Tutko had lived in several different parts of Shenandoah. His parents currently live in a senior housing tower in Mahanoy City. She recalls that, at one point, social services took custody of his then-girlfriend's kids, but believes that the family had been reunited when they moved.

Tutko Sr. is behind bars in Dauphin County, charged with several criminal counts including abuse of a corpse.

His wife Kimberly Tutko says she didn't realize her son was dead until she smelled something festering in the home. She says that, on Friday night, her husband broke the news to her that their son had been dead for days.

"He brought his body down. It was in a sheet. When he opened it up, I could tell it was more than a few hours," she said.

She says that the couple had several children with special needs, and while she focused on her daughter, her husband was the primary caregiver for Jarrod Tutko Jr., who had severe mental disabilities.

Back in Schuylkill County, relatives tried to make sense of what happened.

"I pray he is an angel in heaven and may God have mercy on his soul. How could you be so heartless? We take better care of animals than we do children," Mary Ellen Tutko said.

The family's remaining children have been removed from the home in Harrisburg by authorities. An autopsy is planned for sometime this week as part of the investigation.


  • Kylie

    This is sickening. How could the mother not realize he wasn’t around? My mom always knows where I am . How on earth do you not realize. I always know where my younger brother is! The dad should Be killed, in my opinion. This is one of the most cruel things I’ve ever heard. Some kids just don’t have a chance and it breaks my heart. God Bless His Soul. He’s in a way better place now👼🙏

  • K

    @CAFAN oh lookie, I got thumbs down too. @MDOG, it’s even better on that OTHER news site, where these two non-parents have an fan-club and cheerleaders..It’s a sick and sad world we live in these days. Hunt monsters not deer.

    • mdog

      K – I see, ya know at least 60% of the PA population clearly must be on something.
      85 % of the government.(while i’m at it)

  • Dee Hart

    As a mother how in the hell do you not notice that one of your kids are missing for days!!! If I didn’t know where my kid was for 5 mins I was loosing my mind. I hope to goddess that they take all the children away for there own safety. Especially since they have special needs.

  • mommawilma

    I love how the family contacted the news station just to get some attention for themselves… GROSS … no one cares about how you know them or if your related ,a child died :(..

  • Swtsunshower

    Anyone bother to ask the “mother” why she didn’t question not seeing this boy for A WEEK???????

  • H

    So the family has delt with family service and yet something like this happened. I really think family service needs to get their heads out of their a** and help these poor kids out this isn’t the first time a child has died after the family already had children service called on them. If you can’t handled children with special needs then put themin a home that can handled them. It seems like jr was always locked in that room and the sight of that room was out of this world gross I wouldn’t even let my dog sleep in a room filled with crap and from the looks of the pic the poor boy didn’t have a bed there was a blanket full of crap laying on the floor. As said as it is to say that little boy is in a better place. I don’t care which child the mother cared for she should have known what was going on with her soon and I feel she should be charged too hopefully the rest of the children will be put in better homes and she never gets any of them back.

  • Kjohnson

    This is just sickening. Who hides the corps of their own children!!! How did the child die? Like someone els said did they lock him in his room &. Never let him out? That is just wrong. Who does this to a innocent child. Poor kiddo. Rip

  • J

    First of all when you don’t have your children from previous marriages that should tell people right there your unfit parents. You both should rot in jail for the rest of your lives…….

  • E.W.

    I do agree that society seems to put more emphasis on caring for animals than it does our own children. The saying used to be “It takes a village/community to raise a child” Now there is more publicity for starving, neglected animals than children in our country. By the time these children get help, or parents are offered to or eligible for help, it’s too late. Let’s remember what separates us from animals, it’s called intellect and a soul, which should make children a higher priority. I am an animal lover. I do not think animals should be mistreated, but they should be treated as pets, and children whether yours or not should have a higher priority.

  • raz

    how can the mother not see her son for a week?? they have 6 children, and she only cares for 1 child?? did they no let junior out of his room?? I think they are both at fault.. bring justice for this little boy

  • Jer Tobin

    Seems like the guy was hiding the corpse because he didnt want the mother to know for whatever reason at the time, being he eventually came forward and told her on his own. Hmm.

    • DRM

      Follow the money; when the welfare check arrives, then produce the dead……the mother has already said she’d not spend the $715 that was Jr’s welfare due…..plastic welfare card was retrieved from Sr. in jail….. I’m following the money on this deal…..along with, drugs, alcohol, smokes……anything but good food and solid parental care……….

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    How did the kid die? Weird story. About as weird as that lady up in Bradford county that had her dead husband dug up and kept him in the garage in a carpet a few years ago.

    • gafan

      Thumbs down? Really? Will the *Thumb Downer* please come forward and enlighten me as to what part of this story makes a shred of sense?

      • K

        Some people are just cray-cray and do that for negative attention and impact. Sick, and it twisted world we live in isn’t it? Makes one not want to step outside! There are more detailed stories about this on PennLive where when originally first broke. But the best part of that is all the comments you will read from people sticking up for these “poor” overwhelmed parents. In one of the articles you can see horrible condition this child was kept in, and what looks to be the sheet he was laying on or wrapped in. This sad story goes beyond the pale in the realm of disturbing,

    • mdog

      His wife, Kimberly Tutko, says she didn’t realize her son was dead until she smelled something “festering” in the home.WTFruit

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