ATV and Car Collide, One Dead

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP-- One person is dead after an ATV and car collided in Lackawanna County.

Officials said the crash happened just before 6 p.m. Sunday near Moscow.

The Lackawanna County coroner said Paul Wonder, 48, the operator of the ATV was killed.

According to authorities, two people in the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Route 435 was shut down for two hours while troopers reconstructed the crash.

Authorities are still investigating.


  • Laura Ortiz

    Mr. WONDERS was a wonderful man. If you didnt know him, stop with your nonsensense comments! He has a family and many friends …and in my children’s eyes worked miracles. So in turn..he was our hero. RIP Mr. Wonders. You will be missed by sooo many. Im so sorry this happened to him. And of course …the same three people ALL have the same story…well it will forever lay in their hearts and haunt them because he was a terrific man.

  • debbie

    I can understand the pain of this family. My son was involved in an accident when the ATV he was riding was hit by a truck at 55 mph. My son survived that day, but his best friend did not. So when I hear people being cruel at a time when a family is going through so much pain, it just makes me furious. Show some compassion. If you are going to say something ugly that might hurt someone else, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.

  • YourAverageJoe

    Just a search of “can an atv cross the road in pennsylvania” will bring up links to either PA state websites or gov’t related sites answering questions asked about laws and responsibilities. How about a little respect for all involved and their families.

  • Victoria

    A great man is dead and you people are focusing on the laws .
    His family, friends , co workers and firedepartment are all hurting terribly right now, try showing some respect

    • mdog

      We live once,one dumb move its all over.
      Now someone who hit him will suffer with this traumatic event on their mind forever.
      Get these things off the road now, farmers use your fields get together and make it safe
      for the future riding days.Think of your kids do it for them.

    • Harry

      Hard to believe. I just met this guy last weekend and talked to him on Sunday. Very nice guy. So sorry for the loss.

  • Arvin

    ATVs, by law, are allowed to cross roads at 90 degree angle, or for your geniuses who already commented on here, perpendicular to the lanes of travel. Not everyone lives in the city where atv’s serve no purpose other than to annoy mostly annoying people.

    • Joe

      Arvin, if the ATV crossed at 90 degrees…he would have seen auto. I live on Center ST and ATV use this roadway like a highway…no 90 degree crossing here. Sad to see these avoidable deaths.

    • DMV worker

      Pennsylvania law says no motor vehicle is to operate on any public road way with being registerd and if a recall a fees years ago that passed the law requiring atvs to be registerd and insured

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