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Electric City gets Brighter with the Help of Bank Employees

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SCRANTON -- Volunteers came out to spruce up one part of the Electric City on Saturday.

Bank of America employees spent their day clearing a vacant lot on Prescott avenue in Scranton.

It was all part of an effort by the hill neighborhood association to make the area a little brighter.


  • Franko

    How about the city itself and the over paid DPW workers who do crap – get off their asses and clean the city up – Either do it on the tax payers dime or have the city workers volunteer — The City should lead by example, not expecting the working public to clean up the mess the city has because they don’t have laws to stop blight and do nothing about some of the slobs that create junk yards on their properties, or people who don’t give a crap about lots with no home on it, or absentee landlords who don’t care what their property looks like as long as they get their rent.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Yeah good luck there…..with brightening up that spot……as for the bank of america employees. …..i feel sorry for them……who in their right mind wants use their personal time esp a summer saturday…….to clean up someone elses mess…… if it was the ceo or cfo of boa……id be impressed.

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