Community Still Rebuilding from 2011 Flood

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SHICKSHINNY -- The flood back in 2011 had many Luzerne County communities along the Susquehanna river under water.

Residents in Shickshinny are still trying to get back on their feet from the flooding, they said progress is slow but it's coming along.

Caroline Hashagen from Salem Township said, "It just devastated the whole place. But now they've got it looking good!"

Good enough to hold an event on the riverfront. A car show and fundraiser hosted by Shickshinny Forward, a non-profit organization aimed to help revitalize the borough.

"Basically it's for flood recovery. It's a long range plan. We're working hard to earn some money, grants, things like that to help improve the condition of Shickshinny," said Kay Wolfe, a organizer from Shickshinny Forward.

TA mural designed by local high school students was front and center at the event, and Shickshinny Forward said it represents what that non-profit organization is all about.

"It represents the hope of the future and the overcoming of adversity," said Wolfe.

The event isn't just about helping the landscape of the community though, certain vendors are also raising money for another cause called: the trip of a lifetime.

"We have a food stand here and we're raising money to take the special need kids to Disney come march of 2015," said Thomas Adams of Shickshinny.

People who live in the Shickshinny area said the event is a great start to raise money and match grants from FEMA.

"It's just a beautiful place to come and we're going to support Shickshinny because we're close to it," said Hashagen.

Organizers said the plan is to raise more money, build more development and make a safer riverfront landscape in the area over the next two decades.

"It's so important because Shickshinny is a great place and we have a lot to offer down here at the river," said Wolfe.

That event continued until around midnight on north Susquehanna avenue in Shickshinny on Saturday with a battle of the bands, another way to raise money for the river front revitalization.