Racing Legend Brings Big Donation To Food Bank

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP – The “King of NASCAR” signed autographs for dozens of fans during a pit stop in Mountain Top on Friday.

During Richard Petty’s visit at the Weis Market in Mountain Top, Smithfield’s “Helping Hungry Homes” program and Weis donated 40,000 pounds of meat, which will go to the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank in Wilkes-Barre.

"You just think that you`re feeding your family or your family is eating good, and you don`t know the guy right behind you or somewhere down the road that is having a little bit of a struggle,” said Petty. "Instead of trying to send it out of the country, let’s take care of the people here first."

Workers at the food bank said the donations came in while summertime donations are down.

"It’s all going to be protein items. So it’s going to be an assortment of what Smithfield offers, which are mostly pork products; ham and bacon,” said Gretchen Hunt.

One fan from Wright Township told Newswatch 16 that he waited in line for about seven hours to be the first in line for an autograph.

“I’ve been waiting 40 years to see this guy, Richard Petty the King,” said Jim Boyle.

Petty will be the Grand Marshal of the 400 at the Pocono Raceway on Sunday.


  • scott

    Two posts are the right idea the rest are whats wrong with the world
    Auto Racers are the best people on the planet
    Charity begins at home WHAT A CLASS ACT!!!!
    Petty is the man!!!
    Bogity Bogity

  • Arvin

    There should be a law the food bank recipients can’t have iphones, smoke or drive nicer vehicles than those who WORK at the municipal building.

  • domari nolo,,, now that your all awake time to read the real news… AMERICA has been sold out by pond scum flithy tyrants….

  • cast0ff

    “Instead of trying to send it out of the country, let’s take care of the people here first.”
    right on.

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