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Hotels Booked for Race Weekend

HAZLE TOWNSHIP — The NASCAR races at Pocono Raceway are always a big draw for this region, and while some like to camp out, others keep the hotels busy.

“We are nearly sold out for the weekend, Friday and Saturday. The race is a great asset to northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Genetti president and owner Bill Genetti.

The race also proves a great asset to this Genetti’s Best Western in Hazle Township, where even 30 to 40 minutes from Pocono Raceway, hotel rooms here are filling up fast.

“Well it’s the race weekend, the gun show, and there’s something else I think going on. So we were like ‘uh oh!'”.”

Dennice Perry isn’t here for the race. She’s visiting her grandsons this weekend all the way from Vermont, but she was pretty close to not getting a room.

“Yeah, they had to make arrangements and see what was going on and stuff, so we came back and they had the two rooms for us,” said Dennice Perry, of Vermont.

Here at Genetti’s near Hazleton, employees expect lots more calls and last-minute bookings, but say some started booking rooms as early as a year ago.

“When you have something as positive as the Pocono Raceway working for you, it can only help everything in this area,” said Genetti.

That includes helping race fans to have a good time.

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