Drivers Thrilled To See Paving Project In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- PennDOT has started a project repairing and paving one of the busiest and bumpiest roads in the city of Scranton: Main Avenue.

There are going to be delays over the next week or so as work is done but drivers were thrilled seeing the paving start a year earlier than originally planned.

First comes the repair work, workers digging down into the really bad spots along Main Avenue in Scranton, and then paving them.

It's all part of a project that has just begun fixing and paving Main Avenue north and south, the five mile stretch of the street in Scranton.

"I think it's wonderful. It's about time they did it. They should have done it a long time ago," said Helen Mokis of Scranton.

"I think it's probably a year too late. You should never let anything get this poorly maintained as it is now. It's ridiculous," said Ken Rohland of Scranton.

While drivers may have liked to see this sooner, it actually is being done a year earlier than it was supposed to be. PennDOT says this is being paid for by money from the state's new transportation bill, and more tax from gas, all because this road really needed the work.

On one spot along Main Avenue there are old patches, new patches and new potholes, but now all of this is getting a more permanent fix.

"I think this is terrific because I travel this road many a times and I don't like the bumps," said Debra Publik of Scranton.

Work started right near where Debra Publik lives in north Scranton.

"Great, Great!! They're getting something done in Scranton," she said.

PennDOT says Main Avenue will be repaired and paved over the next 10 days, making for a much smoother ride.

A final coat of pavement will be put on next year after some smaller projects to fix handicap cutouts and curbs.

For the next week or so, PennDOT is asking for patience along this busy road.

"It needs to be done, let's face it. It's going to be a hassle for a while, I believe. We're going to have to find some shortcuts around it," Rohland added.

PennDOT says $500,000 from the state transportation bill and those higher gasoline taxes is going to pay for this early paving and repairs to Main Avenue.


  • Franko

    You know, it’s not true paving if they are only paving over small sections they dig up — that’s called patching, and those patches start sinking in the winter and start breaking up by the spring.

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