Child On Bike Hit By Car

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  • toomany

    I pray this child recovers and I don’t like passing judgment especially when I only have a small version of facts but, where we’re this child’s parents? And, on the other side, it’s summer, schools out, drivers need to be more vigilant especially around playgrounds for goodness sake. Yes, perhaps the child darted out and the driver is not responsible but would you want to live with something like this on your conscience fault or not? I know I wouldn’t.

  • Paul Kersey

    I am not going to condemn the driver just yet. I can’t tell you how many times kids dart out in front of me. PARENTS need to do a better job of explaining traffic to kids. Common sense kids need to stay off the roads!!!!!!! Todays parents are bums ! what about the old saying “Look both ways before crossing the road”

    • mdog

      I cant tell you how many times i just missed animals and even a child by doing the speed limit
      and expecting the unexpected. Be alert at all times.

    • JenkemJones and the Chitlin Express

      I don’t see any graphic content on this page. Not quite sure what you are looking at.

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