Another Home Improvement Contractor Charged

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SWOYERSVILLE -- Police say they have charged yet another contractor for behaving badly in Luzerne County.

The business owner is accused of breaking promises, leaving projects unfinished, and passing bad checks.

Police in Swoyersville arrested John Krochmaluk Friday morning at one of his work sites.

Even with bad ratings and warnings online, officers say homeowners keep hiring him.

Still wearing a work shirt with his business logos, Krochmaluk was arrested at one project site in Swoyersville for allegedly failing to finish the job at another a few blocks away.

"Somebody comes and they say 'hey, I'm going to do this for a low amount of money, you're going to take it."

Swoyersville Police Chief David Latoski says it's not hard to find red flags about Krochmaluk's business.

Wyoming valley landscaping and masonry has an "F" rating with 12 complaints on the Better Business Bureau's website.

Krochmaluk is also facing several civil complaints and criminal charges for passing bad checks and not finishing projects.

"I'm hoping they get their money back but I don't promise anybody anything. I doubt it, but they might get something back," Chief Latoski said.

Investigators say Krochmaluk's latest charges are for failing to finish a backyard excavating project that one woman paid $4,300 for.

As he was taken to Luzerne County jail after his arraignment, Krochmaluk said he's not a bad businessman.

"Are you going to finish those projects and make things right?"

"Absolutely," Krochmaluk said.

Authorities say more complaints are coming in and anyone who is having trouble with this contractor should call their local police department or the Luzerne County district attorney.


  • John the con crotchmalik

    He’s a dirtball, done this to numerous customers over and over again. Promising things to homeowners to rip their hard earned money from their wallets. He got it light and should be jailed and fined a lot longer for what he has done to SO MANY others.

  • toomany

    This is a constant theme lately. I have a friend who recently did work for a” contractor” who is now dodging paying him the salary he busted his butt earning. Not only did he do the work, now he has to ttry and chase this scum down to get what’s rightfully his. In the end, he’ll have to go to the labor board to file a complaint and probably won’t see a dime of what’s owed to him anyway. Oh, and he was also pulled off several jobs he was running because of incompetence. I’d love to print his name but unfortunately he would probably have more recourse than those hes swindled.

  • I hate con men

    I CAN’T STAND LYING CONS ! I to have been the victim of liars ! People promising me everything, good price, polite, the whole works. Then I gave them the money upfront, then all of the sudden, they never did anything on time, would work 1 day, come back 5 weeks later. THEN in the process, of me calling them BEGGING them to come and finish the job the contracted to do, they had attitude towards me, and acted like I was harassing them ! Please Police, clean up NEPA from all these cons who do this.

    Also here is another separate but true story. I bought tires from a small tire shop, instead of one of the big ones, I did it cause price was good and the guy promised to rotate the tires FREE every 3,000 miles for the life of the tires IF I bought them from him. He hustled, and Bustled, put my tires on was polite, overly friendly, grateful for the purchase of the tires. HOWEVER whenever it came to me calling or dropping in it was always not so friendly, always looked like I was an inconvenience to him, and he would tell me, I am booked can you bring it back later in the week ? Or I the shop would be empty, but he would tell me oh I got an appointment coming in 15 minutes, bring it back later in the week.

    Well he got the sale and the cash the first time, and rotation is a free service so that did not motivate him to give me what he so eagerly promised when I bought the tires. He did that for a couple of my vehicles, and as the result I now get tires at the Big Brand Dealers, and they DO rotate my tires ANYTIME I drop in, and they are just as courteous as the day they sod them to me !

  • I hate con men

    Freakin cons ! Bums robbing people of hard earned money and not doing or finishing the job ! Lazy Scums !

  • Shannon

    He strung me along for 9 weeks for a job he said would be finished in 2. He sent a couple of guys to my house 1 day a week for those 9 weeks. I phoned and he’d make promises and break them each time. This man is a smooth snake oil salesman. Now, because he’s in jail, my patio won’t be sealed. Another lie. He said he had to wait 1 year to do it, which is this month. Great.

  • Greg B.

    “Absolutely!” – sigh…what the HELL ELSE is he going to say? “Nope, I’m just gonna keep the money>”

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