35th Annual Blueberry Festival Is Underway

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MONTROSE -- Susquehanna County is feeling rather sweet this weekend. An annual festival centered on blueberries kicked off in Montrose.

The village green in Montrose is filled with a certain fruit and a lot of people too! The 35th annual Montrose Blueberry Festival is underway in Susquehanna County.

Money raised at the event helps out the county libraries in Montrose, Susquehanna, Hallstead and Forest City.

"The state cut our funding about five years ago and since that time, this festival has become the largest fundraiser we have," said librarian Sue Stone.

Organizers said the event brings in about $70,000 every year, which they said is needed for basic library operations.

"Every single dollar of that two-day event goes right to paying salaries, paper towels, buying books and things like that."

Many people come from all over to taste the blueberries in Montrose.

The berry is added to just about every food group here.

"I did mention the blueberry pizza and you turned around real quick. Yeah, I need to get me some of that."

But fans of the blueberry ice cream said you just can't pass it up.

"I heard it's really good. I'm here to try it, I haven't had it before, it's my first time at the festival!"

People who come to the blueberry festival in Montrose say you have to try the blue buckle: a blueberry crisp on the bottom, blueberry ice cream and, of course, blueberry sauce.

"It's great. It's blueberry. It's wonderful. it Has blueberry sauce on it and it taste like summer. But you have to get the cheesecake, have to get it with cheese cake flavoring," said Winifred and Mary Wetherall of Lakewood.

But if ice cream isn't your thing, don't worry there are dozens of other options!

"There's lots of blueberry jam, blueberry muffins, blueberry pickles and now my ice cream's melting but that's OK because now it's a blueberry smoothie!"

The blueberries will be back from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday on the village green in Montrose.