Thousands Help Family Fulfill Daughter’s Bucket List

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NIAGARA FALLS,NY – A California family is mourning the loss of their 21-year-old daughter in a special way. Kristina Chesterman was killed by a drunk driver last September.

“Kristina had said something to my husband at one time about something that was on her bucket list, but he didn’t realize she had something written down,” Sandra Chesterman told ABC News. “It was so like her because she was so organized. She had her whole life planned out… It was almost like she knew her life was going to be short. She felt like she had so much to do.”

Kristina was never able to check most of the items off her bucket list. So, her parents have been fulfilling their daughter’s unfulfilled dreams.

Facebook has spread Kristina’s list across the nation. Now, strangers from all over the country are posting their amazing stories on the ‘Remembering Kristina Chesterman’ Facebook page.


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