Teen Admits to Stealing Truck, Setting it on Fire

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OLD FORGE -- David Quick, 18,  from Old Forge faces a slew of charges after admitting that he and two other teens took almost a dozen vehicles, many of them unlocked.

The three teenagers admitted to taking this pick up truck for a joy ride in Lackawanna County crashing it and then setting the truck on fire.

Quick faces arson and other charges for the crime.

Old Forge Police said they suspected Quick and he later admitted to taking joy rides in seven vehicles from Old Forge and 11 total in about a week's time.

"A couple of the vehicles that were taken, the kids admitted to us that they took them, drove them around throughout the area in Scranton, Old Forge, Moosic, even put gas in the vehicles and returned them back to the same spot," said Old Forge Police Chief Jason Dubernas.

Norma Cristiano lives on Race Street in Old Forge. She said she left her car unlocked for just one night.

"They opened it and went through all the compartments in it and evidently they didn't find anything. "

Old Forge Police said Cristiano's neighbor was not so lucky. Police found that neighbors truck down an embankment in Duryea.

"My neighbors truck was stolen and a couple days later they found it down Campbell's Ledge," said Cristiano.

People in Old Forge said they're disgusted with the teen's behavior.

"I think it's despicable that teenagers are out there just taking cars for joy rides and just vandalizing them," said George Schneider from Old Forge.

"If they can do that, what's to stop them from setting fire to a vehicle in the drive way? Ya know. If this is where they get their kicks," said Cristiano.

The other two teens in the case are charged as juveniles.

As for Quick, he's locked up in Lackawanna County Prison.


  • Jim

    Video games have nothing to do with it. Teens have been doing this before the advent of “realistic” graphics. The real cause of this behavior may never be known but to blame it on media is to take the easy way out.

    • K

      I agree, take 10 youth who play the same video games, watch the same shows, all hang out together, and may 3-5 of them will choose to act out and do something stupid. It often times has to do with how the authority figures their lives handle dysfunctional behavior, but not always. It seems some kids are predisposed to acting out negative feelings which are likely never addressed, but more often than not their home lives are trashed or the peer group they hang with is. I have tossed a few kids from my home who were unresponsive to ACCEPTABLE social norms who were already in trouble or eventually get themselves into trouble. The psych meds they hand out like M&M’s clearly don’ work either!

  • domari nolo

    thank you GTA 5 keep making the video more realistic….great for recruiting soldiers COD black ops yep because combat is just like video games kids,terrorism is of no consequence

  • Misty E.

    My sister’s car was one of the stolen and returned vehicles. Not only was there an extra 1/4 tank in it but they washed it and vacuumed the floor mats.

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