PPL Mulls Another Power Line Project

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PPL is considering another power line project through part of our area.

The line would likely run about 725 miles from the western part of the state into New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

PPL said the transmission line would make service more reliable and reduce the cost of electricity.

The project still needs approval from the state.



  • joe

    Let’s all suffer because NJ needs more power.

    Why ruin our country side for the sake of some yuppies who want more power.

    We have to look at these god awful power lines, gas lines and take hundreds of tons of their trash everyday. I think its time they get a little more self sustainable.

    • UDPC

      Right on the money Joe. If they come anywhere near the Delaware River or create another crossing over the river, they will be in for a heck of a fight. That’s all we need is more negative impact on one of Pennsylvania’s top tourism regions. They are thinking of corporate profits only and not of the best solution for the region. We should be working on local distribution networks, sustainability, alternative energy, demand side reduction, and not long distance transmission. This means every individual should do their part. Just because some people can afford the electric costs, doesn’t mean that they should waste it.

  • Zack Forester

    I’d like to see the list of people volunteering to have these new power lines run through their backyards so their neighbors can save a dime per 1000 kWh on their bills.

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