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School Closings

Police Investigating Hazleton Gunfire

HAZLETON — Shots were fired at four different places in Hazleton overnight.

Some neighbors said they no longer feel safe in the city.

The corner of West Diamond Avenue and Peace Street in Hazleton was anything but peaceful overnight.

“All I heard was ‘pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.’ and then it came to a stop, and then it was ‘pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.’ and I jumped,” Katrina Payne recalled.

Payne was one of the people to hear shots fired in Hazleton overnight.

“We have to start coming up with a plan, a plan of action because it’s definitely getting worse than it has been.”

And it didn’t stop there.

Hazleton police report shots were fired at four different spots in the city over 12 hours, including North Church, North Laurel, and Grant Streets.

No one was hurt, but bullets hit a home and a car near Grant Street and another home on North Church.


“There very well could have been somebody seriously hurt.”

We found one bullet hole on the door and another two on the side of a house, and neighbors said these incidents are happening more and more in this part of the city.

“Some of these people I guess they’re nuts, shooting and robbing and stealing and robbing and killing. I don’t know. It’s just a bad mess,” said Edmund Basista.

The shots fired near Laurel Street just after 2 a.m. led police on a chase after a gold Nissan Maxima. Police said someone threw a gun out the window. The gun turned out to be stolen.

The car was later found but police still don’t know who was driving.

Neighbors believe all of this is connected.

“Could there be some kind of retaliation? I think so.”

No one was hurt, and so far no one has been arrested in relation to any of the shots fired.


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