Luzerne County Council Chairman Hit With PFA

DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- The chairman of the Luzerne County Council was slapped with a temporary restraining order.

A judge signed the protection from abuse order against Rick Morelli Wednesday afternoon.  It was requested by a woman from Dallas.

The order mandates that Council Chairman Morelli stop harassing and stalking the woman.  He was also ordered to turn in any weapons to the county sheriff.

A hearing is set for August 7th.


  • Bob

    Anybody can file a pfa against anybody for good reason or for bad. To protect themselves or to damage someone elses reputation.

  • gafan

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall. I feel so sorry for people who believe they lead a charmed, untouchable existence.

  • Concerned Citizen?

    I am really shocked that a Luzerne County official got hit with a restraining order. I always assumed County officials were the highest degree of human beings, honest and so forth. Hmmmm oh wait I hit my head have to go not feeling well. LOL

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