WATCH: Surveillance Video Helps Police Catch Hit and Run Driver

KINGSTON -- Kingston Police said surveillance video helped them catch a man who hit a parked police car.

Officers said the man had been in a crash and stopped by the department Monday to pick up an accident report, but when he left he hit an unmarked police car causing about $800 in damage.

Police said the hit and run driver has been cited.


  • Kelly Ashland

    well isnt that nice when my truck was hit at wal-mart in front of cameras 3 weeks after i got it, and the police said the cameras are there to catch thieves not hit and runs. well me having to pay for the repairs out of my pocket is the same as stealing

  • Concerned Citizen?

    Well that is great too bad though the police can fix the drug problem in this area and more serious crimes. Well at least the donut shop doesn’t get robbed!

  • deborahrmorgan

    Yeah well if it was my car and it was in scranton.,,…the police would tell me to solve my own problems…….they dont have the resources…,,at least thats what i heard last.

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