Talkback 16: Fixing Roadwork, Rattlesnakes, Bobbleheads

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Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the concrete problem on Route 118 in Luzerne County, rattlesnakes in the Poconos, and the Sharla bobblehead.


  • Rita McMillan

    I did not like Whoppi Goldberg’s remark about Donald Trump wanting to have the two Ebola victims remain in Africa. I think they should have remained in Africa. How do we know they won’t be carriers of the Disease, even if they are healed? Whoppi has no respect & doesn’t care for American Citizens, only her African Heritage. I no longer like her.

  • dan

    penn dot said they would have I 81 north in scranton back to 2 lanes of travel by the end of july . here it is the 4th day into Aug and 81 is still signal lane travel . come on penn dot get off your fat butts and do some work and stop telling lie’s to the people that pay you .

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