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SCRANTON -- Over the past few years, some businesses, bars, restaurants have closed their doors in downtown Scranton.  Recently, the Electric City is getting infused with new life with what some residents call 'exciting' new options in city living.

Robbie Weiss lives downtown at 317 Linden.  Weiss, who is from Connecticut tells us, "I moved downtown because I thought it was a close proximity to the University of Scranton.  I`m a grad student there and there`s a lot of nightlife here."

A number of developers are making their mark on places that have been closed for years.  They include, the Old Penguin and Banshee Bars along Penn Avenue.  They`re newly renovated apartments in the adjacent buildings are one of the stops on the "City Living Tour" on Friday.

"The goal was to save as much of the exposed brick, the beams, the duct work," said Brenda Zarick, of ATR properties.

Also, the same company renovated another stop on this Friday`s tour above Ale Mary`s on Franklin Avenue  Many remember the building as a bar called Whistles and way back, the Bitten Bender Company.

"They use to do old wagon wheels. When they were redoing the building, we found old journals," said Zarick.

Another downtown destination during Friday`s tour is 317 Linden Street. The property manager says all 56 units are full and this building has a unique history.  There is a connection to entertainment icon Cher who once actually lived here as child.

"It`s my little piece that sets us apart from the rest of the buildings," said Nicole Fife.

It was a Catholic home called St. Joseph`s Society.  It was commonly known as an orphanage up until the mid 1940s.  When you enter into the basement of 317 Linden, you can see so many reminders of that orphanage.  In some rooms, it bares resemblance to old classroom where you can see a chalkboard.

Andrew Mahle from New Jersey moved to downtown Scranton.  He tells us "I think it`s great. There`s a lot of history behind it and you don`t really know about it.  It`s really cool to kind of realize you live there.  In college, I lived in Steve Carrell`s room.  It`s just one of those things that just happens be honest."

To learn more about the downtown properties featured on Friday's "City Living Tour," check out the links/phone numbers below.

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  • vince

    What a crock this city is crap and who cares if Cher lived in some run down bldg. Until Scranton does something about property taxes and gets good paying jobs in the area this city will be exactly what it is run down and trashy. Oh yea my taxes went up but my car is still hitting holes that swallow up my car i can only imagine what next years roads are gonna be like where did my added tax money go? In some politicians pockets most corrupt city in the country.

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