Water Woes Receding in Danville

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DANVILLE -- For a few hours on Tuesday, people in the Danville area were asked to conserve water after a water main break. Monday's break had water all over Route 11, one of the busiest roads going into and out of the borough.

Both lanes of Route 11 were shut down while crews pumped water out of the area.

Employees at the Danville Water Treatment Plant believe the break was caused by an old pipe that eroded.

But what a difference a few hours makes. By late morning, Route 11 was cleaned up and the break fixed. Even so, people were asked to conserve water for most of the afternoon because the reserve water tanks used by the borough were depleted.

"Just holding off washing dishes and doing laundry, things like that. We try to conserve as much anyhow," Tim Lutz said.

Some hair salons in Danville are also conserving water. This particular salon is only running one shampoo bowl instead of two and it is also giving customers the option of getting dry haircuts until the water advisory is over.

Water is also important at restaurants. The manager at Jonesy's Sub Shack on Mill Street says she was concerned with washing dishes.

"I told my employees, go ahead just put the dishes in the sink for now and when it comes 2 o'clock, we'll go ahead, fill them up, sanitize them and put them in the dishwasher," Lorie Hippenstal said.

It was a similar situation down the street at Old Forge Brewing Company.

"We have all high-efficiency dish washing machines. They don't use a lot of water. For us it's business as usual and we'll do our best to conserve water," Damien Malfara said.

If you live or work in the Danville area, you do not have to conserve water anymore. That advisory was lifted at 2p.m. Tuesday.