Rattled by Snakes in Pocono Neighborhood

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Rattlesnakes have been slithering into a couple of front lawns in one part of the Poconos. Pocono Mountain Regional Police say they had two incidents just last week.

People who live in Sierra View, a community near Blakeslee, say they've seen these snakes plenty of times.

This seemingly quiet Pocono Mountain community has been rattled not once, but twice just this past week by rattlesnakes.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police say they've gotten two calls to homes in Sierra View near Blakeslee for rattling reptiles.

"We're definitely not trained to deal with rattlesnakes. We were just, in typical police fashion, we were trying to do something for a call that we're not necessarily trained to do. We try to do whatever we can to help people," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Officer Kyle VanNote.

Officer VanNote snapped a photo of a snake in someone's backyard last week in Monroe County before he and another officer rigged a broom and a crowbar together and coaxed this rattler into a container.

Just down the road, Angel Perez says he had a rattlesnake on his front porch a few summers ago and says the problem keeps popping up.

"Definitely in the summer months but besides, that not really. I guess that's when they come out when it's warm out," said Angel Perez of Tunkhannock Township.

Officials say the snakes are usually looking for food and not for any trouble.

Although there are lots of snakes in this area, the fish and boat commission says there are some things you can do to keep them from slithering right into your front yard.

Seal openings and cracks around your home, and remove debris in your yard. Snakes like to sit under longs.

Finally, move wood piles farther away from your home.

Victor Cepeda does yard work all through this neighborhood and says he's seen smaller snakes and only heard of rattlesnakes in these yards.

"There is bear, there is deer, there is all kind of animals. We just hope that we stay away from them, and they stay away from us," said Cepeda.

According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, only three of the 21 species of snakes found in Pennsylvania are venomous.


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    Lucky guy i would have built a snare removed its head and eaten it on the grill.
    They are delicious and you get a nice skin to fashion up a pair of gloves or underwear..

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