Passerby Robbed at Gunpoint in Scranton

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  • dan

    I grew up in the Hill Section and except for the 4 and a half years I spent in the Army and the year I spent in Harrisburg, I’ve lived here my whole life. I even bought a house in the Hill. Not in my 35 years of living here have I nor anyone in my family been robbed, beat up, or had our houses broken in to. I love where I live and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Most likely the Police are going to find out this was a drug deal gone bad. I feel very safe walking around the Hill. That’s not going to change. If you don’t like it around here, move.

    • gary cotonbal

      Dan I hear you, BUT you have to admit in the past 6 to 10yrs. “GOOD OL’ SCRANTON” has indeed changed due to the influx of “out of towners” who nave no respect for themselves, never mind others. These people are not robbing & stealing to pay the light bill. Did you happen too see the times 3 day report on heroin in Scranton ? where do you think it’s coming from CLARKS-SUMMIT ? We stood by and watched as these dope dealer took our city from us and took a good number of our children through addiction along with them ! A CRYING SHAME FOR SURE !!!!!!

  • deborahrmorgan

    I wouldnt be caught walking on vine street anytime of day or olive or pine or ash……. i wouldnt walk anywhere in the hill section.,.,,,may as well go for a stroll around valley view or hilltop…..same occupants.

    • Warløck

      From the tone of your post (not to mention the grammar), it’s just as well. I’d probably call the police if I saw you lurking around my neighborhood anyway. It’s best we keep to ourselves.

      • Observed

        Oh yeah… bout you call the cops on the woman w 4 dogs that lives on Arthur ave…..across from park….u know the place….yeah…..she took her dog for a crap……left it there and walked back to her house. I knocked on her door and told her to clean it up…..she said it was none of my business…..I told her to clean it up cause the park is not her backyard…..or she could explain herself to the scranton pd……she cleaned it up…..and went back into her house. You can have the hill section it’s been done now for at least 30 years. Pfffff

    • Concerned Citizen?

      Its not that other city’s don’t have crime but you Scranton / Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton are just filled with crime all the time, due to the amount of scum living there. So yes we can point the finger at the citys that cause the most problems. Last I checked Mountain Top is alittle better then this etc. PS like the Reg Guy post

      • Bobbi

        I must disagree only because you’re wrong about mountain top. Every city has crime, drugs are rampid everywhere sadly it’s become an epidemic, mental illness has become a stigma in our society it’s very sad. It seems to me the more media coverage any city gets the worse that city seems, instead of saying this city is better than that city people should educate themselves in how to help one another and the communities they live in. I do however agree that parts of the hill section in scranton, vine street, mulberry street and especially Taylor ave around the university of scranton are very scary. I’m not trying to be rude just leaving my opinion….stay safe everyone!!

  • JP

    Another day in the “FINE” city that is Scranton. Hope the person is alright and that they catch the person that did it, and maybe a little police brutality would be OK while arresting the individual.

  • Regular Guy

    Hmm was this the scranton city implementing the new “commuter TAX” lol…. in serious sorry it happened but scranton is robbing us already with the high taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!

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