Family Lost Everything In I-81 Wreck

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MOOSIC -- It took hours to clear debris from the highway and get Interstate 81 back open after a crash Monday night.

On Tuesday we learned all of the debris belonged to a family who was moving to Florida. They tell us that was their whole life spilled all over the highway.

The family of five from Lackawanna County say they were packed up and moving to Florida when they lost control on Interstate 81. The camper they had filled with their belongings ripped apart, spilling everything onto the busy highway.

Now, they say their future is on hold.

The state trooper investigating the crash says it was one of the worst messes he's ever seen on Interstate 81 with stuff just about everywhere.

The crash happened around 9 p.m. Monday. The interstate was still closed into the early morning hours as a family from Jermyn watched all their belongings end up in a dumpster.

It took four hours for crews to clear Interstate 81 south near the Moosic exit and to many of those doing the work, it was a big mess that had the highway closed into the early morning hours.

To the Miller family of Jermyn this was no mess, this was their life, strewn all over the highway.

"That was our whole life. Everything that we own was in that trailer. We have absolutely nothing left, no clothes, no nothing, no vehicle, nothing," said Marjorie Miller.

We talked to Marjorie Miller and her family on this day after the wreck. Now they're staying with her dad in Jermyn, but they're supposed to be on their way to Florida to live near her husband David's family.

Margorie, David, three kids and two dogs were in a van, hauling a camper jammed with all their belongings when David lost control on I-81, and the camper ripped open.

"He thought it was balanced good, but apparently it wasn't. That one tractor-trailer came flying by on that one bad corner there on 81 and it just caught the wind and he said it's going," she said.

"I was half way asleep. I closed my eyes and next thing I know, I saw my sister crying and I saw Harley crying because I went flying into the wall," said crash victim Dale Kordish.

The van has little damage. The family got only bumps and bruises but there's not much left of the trailer. Only the motorcycle strapped inside remains. Troopers say it was overloaded.

Everything else was picked up off I-81 and put in a dumpster.

"All my favorite things, all my toys, all my clothes, everything," Dale said.

"She's my life, if we lost her, I don't know what we would have done," said Caressa Smith, a cousin.

Now cousins and other family are trying to find ways to help the Millers bounce back.

"Whatever we can do for our cousins, we'll do," Smith said.

"All I know is we had our guardian angels on us. If it wasn't for our guardian angels, I don't think we'd be here today, I really don't," Marjorie said.

The Millers say they were moving to Florida to help care for David Miller's father.

Now relatives here are trying to find ways to help them.

A fund has been set up through Community Banks, N.A. for anyone who would like to donate to the Miller family.  All donations must be made out to "The Miller Accident Fund," and can be accepted at any Community Bank, N.A. branch.


  • toomany

    I’m glad no one was was injured or worse yet lost their life. Some of the comments on here are beyond despicable and I don’t want to be lumped in with those sorry excuses for human beings. That being said, this was caused because the father either didn’t know or didn’t care that he was overloading the trailer. I’m not saying they deserved what happened, so before anyone starts seeing red, let me make that clear however, because of his error his family lost their belongings, luckily not their lives and luckily didn’t cause harm to anyone else on the road at that time.

  • Melina

    So what if ‘ the guy is a pill popper and pot head the mom is probably the worlds longest welfare receipient’ . Do you think they deserved it? Do you think the kids deserved it? Do you think they wanted this to happen so they could ” sucker u into more of ur hard earnd money” ? Maybe they just wanted to move on with their lives, and get away from people like you. People that just judge others just because they can and have no reason to. I know one of the girls that was in the accident and i know that shes been through hell and back and she did not deserve this. Please STOP being such horrible people this is why i no longer have faith in humanity because you see that something is wrong yet you dont do ANYTHING to fix it.

  • Bryan

    I’m a Design Technician for Naval PHST Center in New Jersey (Packaging, Handling, Shipping, and Transportation). Our primary focus is unitization, palletization, and shipping explosives by land , air and sea. A large part of my job is truckloads on Domestic and International highway systems. 90% of the truck and trailers on the road is improperly strapped, loaded, stacked etc. I’m actually surprised something like this doesn’t happen more often. These errors get people killed. They are lucky it was close to home and nobody was killed. It’s unfortunate that that this has happened, and hopefully they learned from it, but we don’t need people bashing them through the internet. Let’s hope that everyone else that has read this article has also learned a valuable lesson. Practice safety and common sense. Safe travels everyone.

    • haterade

      It’s not a Harley, it’s a Kawasaki that he put a Harley decal on… LOLZ

      And he does his own tattoos… they are AWFUL

  • Don't help

    This family is the true meaning of trailor trash the guy is a pill popper and pot head the mom is probably the worlds longest welfare receipient they sold there trailor for a few grand do t let them sucker u into more of ur hard earnd money what u think they were driving to Florida with the gas and food stamps they had don’t thinks so like the one comment said they should have jumped a bus already but in stead they want another free hand out

    • notasucker

      This is the TRUTH I know these people and they are living off the state just trying to get a handout! DON’T give them money, they already have enough to get the motorcycle out, their family gave it to them…they won’t go to FL now because they are seeing dollar signs from all you suckers that are going to give your hard earned money to them!

    • warlock

      Sounds like you have a problem with this poor couple. Why should we believe you? For all I know you may have the same problems.

  • titsmagee

    Maybe if you knew how disgusting this family is you wouldn’t feel so bad, why are people giving money?, they have been living off your tax dollars for years up in the jermyn trailer park.

  • Concerned Citizen?

    So finally it shows the the trailer was overloaded per the story,,, hmmm said that in the first story….

  • Jane

    I can’t believe that no one knows that they didn’t even pack the furniture that they only packed up what was in the sheds!! They will be quick to play on people’s heart strings like this family has been on welfare their whole lives!! Let’s not worry they will get enough to get that Harley back!! They should have jumped a bus already !! And he should be arrested!!!

    • warlock

      So what they get food stamps. Blah blah blah who cares! Sounds like your jealous you cant get them.

  • Delina

    This family are very good friends of mine! We made a donation page to help them out! Please donate and share! Thanks!

  • C. Fry

    Praying for this family. I can’t imagine losing everything I own. Where do you turn? What do you do first?

  • Ur pathetic

    Lol how sad is it when YOUR family is going through such a hard time YOU still have to cause drama on a news web site you are sad and pathetic glad to see who’s worried about who

  • Liz

    Go to Facebook. Under Help The Miller’s. Talk with Amber or Elizabeth with locations to drop off donations forthe family.thank you in advance.

    • Ur pathetic

      Don’t do it there just looking for hand outs and sympathy ask them were the 3k is they sold the trailor for

      • Ur pathetic

        Nothing premeditated about it it was an accident how ever they claim they lost every thing they sold there mobile home for a few thousand dollars ok soooo warlock let me see you not able to fly or rent a moving vehicle with that keep in mind they are moving with family so there not moving to be homeless they had a place to stay but I guess like every one else let’s just feel sorry and give them our hard earned money …….

    • Zoey

      its already too late… but luckily they made it safe… I love them soo much and would probably die without them

  • Liz

    Realky Caressa Smith. You never even call my stster yet she is your everything. Stop thr shoe. And yes there is a ciMiller’s. Ask Amber or Elizabeth where you can drop off donations.acebook called Help For The Millers

  • B. Obama

    pick through the dumpster like any other normal person and get what’s salvageable back. Most of the boxes look unscathed.. which probably had clothing and such in them. I mean come on this is NOT a tragedy… a tragedy would have been someone losing their life in this accident. It’s obviously human error in one form or another whether it be the way it was packed or the driving. Either way stop looking for hand outs pull up your bootstraps and get yourself together. Times are hard for everyone. Get your priorities straight.

    • Dexter Morgan

      Yes absolutely get what you can salvage. For the other things you need help with, maybe there are people kind enough or fortunate enough to help you . Just be sure to pay it forward and help others in the future. This whole story is sad and I can’t imagine how I would feel if it happened to my family. However, you are all lucky that everyone was ok and it was just things that were damaged. AND, if you were insured, hopefully insurance will cut you a decent check.

    • jessy

      If that was u and u asked for help and some one said that u would be yelling well for you information thay don’t let u go thrue them thay trash it ok thay make u pay them to get your stuff back and pay for the dumpster

  • Really?

    We had an accident here in Toledo a few years back. The family nearly lost everything to a drunk driver. The mother , children, and a newborn were all killed. Material my items are nothing compared to human life. You can always get your “stuff” back.

  • Reena

    Is there something set up for the public to donate things to this family the way they do for natural disaster victims?

  • Jenna

    I have to sit here and laugh Wow some of you people just LOVE kicking people when they are down! I know how much you all think ya just perfect and smart. (Lol NOT) Instead of helping their fellow man they post cruel and sarcastic remarks, but REGARDLESS of how the accident happened I hope this family gets the help they need. I sincerely hope you people running your mouths never suffer a loss…you know what they say about Karma.

  • Jenna

    Wow some of you people in PA are heartless jerks…..regardless of how the accident happened…I hope the family gets the help they need.. But instead i will probably see more cruel sarcastic comments ….I know you are the ones who are so damn perfect and sooo smart (NOT). What if it was you or kids?

    • tiny turtle

      Sorry to say, but they have been living off the government teat for a long, long time. Half of that family is either “disabled” or in need of government assistance or another thing. You remember the 200 transmissions stolen from the scrap yard in Eynon a few months back? Part of their clan, too. Repeat offenders. These are the worst of us and I for one am glad Karma found its way back.

      • Jenna

        Wow how do you know soooo much? Were YOU Involved too???? If you know so much.. Why didn’t you notify the police?!!??? Probably because YOU were involved or its a downright lie. Where is YOUR proof troll??

  • MisterPL

    This report confirms what I posted earlier and got deleted. How about that.

    Best of luck to the Miller family on recovering from their loss.

  • mwm

    They’da never made the hills in Virginia yet alone make it to the sunshine state. Better it happened here where they have kin folk than outside of Rocky Mount, NC.

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