Charges Filed After Child Left in Hot Car

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Charges have been filed in Union County against a mother accused of leaving her child in a hot car.

Gehan Elfayoumi, 39, of Lewisburg has been charged with leaving a child unattended in a vehicle.

The 10-month-old child was spotted in a car in the parking lot of Walmart near Lewisburg last week.

After talking with witnesses, troopers think the child was inside the vehicle for about 10 to 12 minutes.

According to state police, the child was unharmed.


  • JP

    Don’t leave anything in your car you do not want to kill, kids or otherwise. A “I’m just running in for milk.” may cost your kid its life if you get diverted for some unforeseen reason (i.e heart attack, some other medical condition, etc.) and people attending to you may be to preoccupied to notice the child/pet dying. Just not worth it in the long run for the slight hassle of taking them with you. Or in the case of a pet, leave them home.

  • Fratboy

    So, what is the charge? What penalty does that entail, if found guilty? Where did she go during this 10 minute period?

    • JP

      I would imagine it would be child endangerment. And being she was parked in front of a WALMART and she was too lazy to even take her kid out of the car, I highly doubt she went anywhere other than to WALMART. Better stay in college a little longer.

    • Bobby

      Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is a summary offense found in the vehicle code. $25 fine equivalent to most vehicle code violations, no points or suspension.

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