Armed Robbery at a Mini-Mart in Luzerne County

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP --  A thief took cash and cigarettes during an armed hold up at a mini-mart in Luzerne County.

Officials said the Turkey Hill Minit Market on South Main Street in Plains Township was hit around 2:00a.m. Tuesday morning.

Authorities said the robber flashed a gun and made off with cash and cigarettes, but dropped the cigarettes as he ran off.

The police have not said how much money the thief stole in Luzerne County.


  • OldEmployee

    I worked there, for several months. At this exact Turkey Hill. Mostly on grave shift, now on one side, they have two people working, one in the back making food, and one at the counter. BUT! They’d put two females on most of the time, usually I was in the front. Yes, I have training, but not because of Turkey Hill caring about their employees, but because of my military background. NOT ONCE was I told what to do in case of something like this happens. They set up themselves for failure. Also, forget about working here if you are in the guard/reserves, because they will put you on the schedule even after you’ve written off the days and handed in your drill schedule multiple times. You’ll end up pulling a night shift after being at drill all day. Oh! And don’t forget the many comments about ‘You’re in the Army, you’ll know what to do about this, or you’ll be able to carry this or you’re used to not sleeping.’ and MANY more comments along this nature. The management of this Turkey Hill needs to be evaluated, because not only are there perfectly able personnel that could pull a night shift, and don’t because ‘That’s how the schedule goes’. And breaks? You’re lucky to get 20 minutes broken up into a few minutes here or there. And then you’re getting harassed about it. Poor Management and training set themselves up for failure, hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes!

  • Snshn

    Why would anyone would risk their freedom for petty cash, smokes & using a weapon?
    The only conclusion I can come up with I’d that their an addict who can’t bring themselves to enter a rehab on their own. In an around about way, I believe it’s a desperate cry for help.
    This is the only reason I’ve been able to come up with.
    Thankfully, nobody was physically hurt.

    • Observed

      They don’t want rehab if they did they’d just walk into a hospital…..these are career criminals most likely from out of state. They’ve got the cops so busy down there in luzerne county that they don’t know if they’re coming or going.

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