U.S. Postal Service Cutting Hours, Jobs At Lake Winola

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LAKE WINOLA -- People in a Wyoming County community are voicing their concerns after learning about changes that will impact the area's post office.

The Lake Winola post office is just one of thousands nationwide facing cuts that include reducing hours and eliminating jobs.

Some people in Wyoming County aren't happy that these changes will be happening to their community.

The post office in Lake Winola gets a lot of foot traffic during the day. Whether it's shipping a package, or picking up mail, the door is always opening. Next year, residents in this community will have to adjust their schedules because the hours here are getting cut.

"I can say I'm not surprised because I've seen small rural post offices lose hours as the economy changes and the government wants to save money," said Lake Winola resident Patricia Gatto.

The post office is one of many included in the U.S. Postal Service's "post plan." The plan hopes to save millions of dollars by reducing hours at post offices in rural communities.

Starting in January, the office will cut back from eight hours a day to six. The plan also eliminates the job of the postmaster, a woman who has worked there for seven years.

People who live at Lake Winola aren't too concerned about the hours being reduced. They're more concerned about the postmaster losing her job.

Frank Barrett and Suzanne Labar each split their time between homes in Florida and Lake Winola. They worry that without Postmaster Dorothy Bert on the job, there could be problems.

"I'm very comfortable for the next two or three months if I get mail here, it's going to get to Florida because I forward it there. I won't feel as comfortable again when they make this change," Barrett said.

"The people we have working here are phenomenal. Dorothy, as Mr. Barrett said, a true professional and I, too, feel very comfortable about my mail coming to Florida because I know if it comes here, it's not going to sit here," Labar added.

Under the plan by the USPS, the Lake Winola post office would be staffed by part-time employees starting in January.

The options for current Postmaster Dorothy Bert include moving to another post office or retiring.



    CHRISTOPHER Y said : ” and because Congress won’t allow the Postmaster General to raise prices enough to compensate for their losses”

    Ummm Christopher, NO THANKS ! I don’t want any more price increases for your Dinosauric, Antiquated, Pony Express Services so the Seniority Postal gang can keep getting $40 to $55 an hour to wait on 4 to 5 customers ! NO THANKS !

    CLEAN HOUSE ! By, giving Ultimatum to the Seniority Workers, that their $40 to $55 is NO MORE ! Either comeback down to realistic wages, or take a hike ! Hire a whole new HUNGRY and EAGER Workforce to replace these CODDLED $40 to $55 Workers, whose wages are unsustainable with all the red Postal is in.

    The other poster is right, these people likely go postal as they will NEVER see that insane pay EVER AGAIN for any other employer !

  • Carl

    $50 to $75K a year (including benefits) for matching the numbers on an envelope to the numbers on a mailbox is unsustainable, as is evidenced by the current contraction taking place with the post office. If the post office operated in the real world, without being propped up by the government as a means of last resort, this skill would be worth about $10 per hour. No wonder when a postal employee even gets a whiff of possibly being let go and having to market their “skills” in the real world they “go postal”.

    • Christopher Yeisley

      Ignorance at it’s finest. The Post office ISN’T propped up by the government. It’s $5 billion debt BECAUSE the government passed laws forcing it to finance pensions 75 years in advance for employees that aren’t even born and because Congress won’t allow the Postmaster General to raise prices enough to compensate for their losses. USPS handles more mail in a single week than UPS and Fedex handle in an entire year and without them delivery prices would quadruple if you could indeed send mail to the person you were trying to reach at all because all their competition uses their distribution network to move packages between networks where they have no service. The Post Office does operate in the real world. It’s people like you the operate inside the bubble.

      • Lynn

        “the government passed laws forcing it to….” “Congress won’t allow the Postmaster General to raise prices enough….” Sounds like government is calling the shots at the post office to me.

  • JK

    How ridiculous! We live in 2014 not the 1950’s! Who needs the post office and their overpaid rude (not to mention coddled) employees! Worried about getting her mail? Give me a break! What mail? What is so important that it can’t be done over the internet? There is direct deposit, e-banking, prescriptions and shopping can be UPS or fed-ex often at no additional charge…I also saw a sign self service and boxes open 24 hours….geez people what do you want? Like no other desk jockey can forward mail? No one’s that irreplaceable!

  • Marlene Mihal

    I live at Lake Winola as a full time resident. I rent a Post Office Box, I can always receive my mail right on time due to the tireless efforts of Dorothy. What a lot of people do not realize is that the USPS has spent over $190,000.00 in rent for a building in Chinchilla, PA, with intentions of opening a Postal Branch, and this has yet to happen. When this was brought up to the USPS Representative at the “meeting,” he clalimed he knew nothing about this, until he was shown the article printed in the Scranton Times. This is just another “government” ploy to hurt the common people. We had a questionnaire and given options of closing the post office, (then our new mailing addresses would be listed in Factoryville, PA) cutting back hours, etc. Those in attendance chose to keep the Post Office open with shorter hours.


      Hey Marlene, all of us are expected to be tireless at our $7.25 to $9.00 an hour jobs, as matter of fact we are required to give 150% for our meager pittance. So some of the Clerks I have seen making upwards of $40 to $55 an hour give about 20% and coddled as the poster above mentioned is an UNDERSTATEMENT ! So even IF you fine a Clerk giving 100% and tireless service I ask you should they not ??? Their wages are insane versus the common worker !

      It is the least they can do ! I have seen People hustling like mad non stop at Fast Food Restaurants for Min Wage, then I see Clerks in slow offices, doing crosswords, waiting on 4 to 5 people an hour making upwards of $40 to $55 an hour, then looking at you like your a pain in their you know what, cause you need them to tape up your box.

      Sorry Postal Employees in My Opinion, are VERY OVER PAID, and VERY CODDLED, and USPS needs a reset, give an Ultimatum, that take a massive Pay Reduction, or take a hike, there are plenty of people out here would love to work any job at USPS for $12 to $13 an hour. But for some reason they keep retaining all these high pay employees who have some years under their belt, but are GROSSLY overpaid, then they complain they are in the red !

      Why can’t they shake the overpaids ? Cause they are CODDLED

      Do the Math 20 Employees making $40 to $55
      OR Pay 20 Employees $12 to $13 and look at the $AVINGS ! Do that Nationwide, and you may get out of the red ! And maybe find people for a lot less, who are nicer to the Public with Customer Service


    Sorry, but Postal People ( Clerks in Particular ) are OVERPAID in my humble opinion ! The ones sorting the mail should be capped off at $22 an hour – Delivery men/women $20 an hour – Window Clerks $16 — I mean I see clerks getting $40 to $55 an hour for what ??? Crappy personality’s to the customers, most sit and twiddle their thumbs, read books, surf the net each hour till the next customer comes in getting ridiculous amounts of money, healthcare and pensions, while others of us out here work just as hard if not way harder than most clerks do, and the hard workers elsewhere get $7.25 to $15 an hour IF lucky !

    You see, the Postal system dug their own grave, how you ask ? By retaining over paid inept employees, and pension funds for life that are uncalled for just because they worked for the US Postal. I mean some clerks get $40 to $55 an hour for waiting on 4 people an hour in a slow office. People going to College to get Masters, and Bachelors degrees don’t even earn that much. US Postal is in the red, cause of their employees ridiculous pay, in my opinion and their ridiculous pension plan.

    Sorters and Delivery Postal Employees. nobody doubts you work hard if sorting, or out walking, but still the pay scale is not REALITY ! I have seen my own eyes, clerks reading, playing on computers, crossword puzzles doing anything and everything while killing time I mean $40 an hour which is low really, I am sure some clerks get $50 plus per hour – Lets take lower end $40 X 8 hour day = $320 a day X 5 = $1,600 a week to wait on 4 to 5 people an hour in slow office ???? Postal needs overhaul **RESET** to fair wages, not the ridiculous wages for people with no people skills ( Most clerks I have seen ) don’t even want to wait on people, they look irritated if they have to help you pack up the box, I mean they get paid UNREALISTIC amounts for no personality, or true skills versus a College Degree, think about it a Cop might get $24 an hour if lucky, which is SUPER pay and well deserved for risking their life for our safety, but some window clerks get $40 to $50 an hour, wait on 4 to 5 customers per hour in slow office, and make at least $1,600 a week gross IF at the low $40 per hour

    Postal Service Employee Pay Rates ARE destroying the Post office, and that is why they are in the RED ! And Plants closing, as they have to downsize to many OVERPAID workers, set a realistic wage and Post Office will do better !

    I think a good plan would be to ask all the overpaid ones to take a massive pay cut, or take a hike ! Hire all NEW people pay them $12 to $15 an hour, let them work up to the $22 Cap, make them pay more for their Health Care and Deductibles, and forget those big pensions paying insane amounts to people no longer working ! That is how we can possibly save the Postal Service ! I love USPS, but they are overpaying with wages and pensions their workers.

    IF any of these $40 to $55 an hour gang have to ,make it outside of the US Postal, they will go back to $10 to $15 an hour IF lucky ! As they are not ever gonna see $40 to $55 an hour for Seniority anywhere else !

    Save the Postal Service ! By Resetting wages to REALISTIC reality ! This is my opinion on how to save it !

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