Shooting Suspect Brought back to Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT -- A man wanted for a deadly shooting was brought back to Williamsport Monday.

Rashwan Williams is accused of shooting and killing another man back in June.

It happened outside The Lamp House Hookah Lounge on West Third Street in the city.

Police believe Williams shot the victim because of an argument over a woman then fled to North Carolina.


  • Fratboy

    Of course, no follow-up, that his girlfriend already has been charged as an accessory for driving his getaway, dumping the car, claiming it was stolen. Yep, and she’s a local. We don”‘t. Always have to import our felons from Philly, we also grow our own. Meanwhile, nothing more on our rogue cop that speeds along at 100 mph, killing our locals as they are driving to work.

  • PHIL(LIAMSPORT) Full of Influx Scum

    Sick of the Garbage in Williamsport ! Go to the Crossbar Hotel and STAY THERE for like ummmm the rest of your life slime ball !

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