UPDATE: Crash on I-81 Shut Down Highway For Hours

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MOOSIC -- A crash on Interstate 81 South between the Moosic and Avoca exits had the highway closed for hours Monday night.

Reports of the accident came in just before 9 p.m. Monday.

According to police, a van hauling a trailer crashed spilling debris over the roadway. A family of five from Jermyn was in the van. Troopers said they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police said interstate reopened around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday.


  • Bryan

    I’m a Design Technician for Naval PHST Center in New Jersey (Packaging, Handling, Shipping, and Transportation). Our primary focus is unitization, palletization, and shipping explosives by land , air and sea. A large part of my job is truckloads on Domestic and International highway systems. 90% of the truck and trailers on the road is improperly strapped, loaded, stacked etc. I’m actually surprised something like this doesn’t happen more often. These errors get people killed. They are lucky it was close to home and nobody was killed. It’s unfortunate that that this has happened, and hopefully they learned from it, but we don’t need people bashing them through the internet. Let’s hope that everyone else that has read this article has also learned a valuable lesson. Practice safety and common sense. Safe travels everyone.

  • bob

    Dr. Jones truck driver s. Aren’t perfect if they are some of them wouldn’t be trying to get their loads under bridges that are too low day

  • bob

    you know some of people don’t make a lot of money and do with what we can the clothes a washable all u guys do is bi— when you should be worried if the family are OK and as the truckers. All of them are not at fault I’ve seen some pretty stupid cars and truck that should not be on the road so stick it where the sun don’t shine. By the way LIz good job my hat off to you

  • Island guy

    I don’t understand the viciousness of these comments. Mistakes were made. Hopefully, lessons were learned. Most importantly, all involved are ok. The three children and their pets certainly don’t deserve such harsh comments.

  • Liz

    I can’t believe some of you people. The news caster called their stuff Junk.. Really… That was 15 years of my sisters life all over the highway and the troopers didn’t release the whole story. Alot of people can not afford expensive things or anything but when they throw their stuff in a dumpster and not care what they do to it, it makes me sick. Thank you to those who have a heart.

    • Get em

      Pure stupidity those campers are rated 8-10 ppl that motorcycle equals at least 3-4 ppl in weight then u pack it with all that JUNK it should never been on the road on the first place you can’t be mad at the comments when it’s not some one else’s fault it sucks that it happen but that’s a chance they chose to take and we’ll this is the out come you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully

    • Joe

      They made a really dumb mistake. They should just be thankful nothing happened to the kids because of their STUPIDITY!

    • Liza

      It sure was junk, saw it on the news. Because of their stupidity it shut down the road for hours. Thank god they didn’t hurt someone else on the road with all their crap. They should have rented a Uhaul to move their things. And you Liz are all over the internet looking for handouts for them.

      • warlock

        Liza apparently you know your “junk” its your right not to help because you are apparently a selfish cow. But there are people who want to help. Who cares if she is asking for help if it were your people what would you do with their JUNK

  • Get em

    As a emt I’ve seen a lot of accidents involving towable campers and I can almost bet that trailor or what ever it was was by far road legal I hope they investigate and nail them for every infraction think of it this way if it wasn’t road worthy or properly loaded and some one was killed or hurt by the debree because of some one else’s carelessness who gets the blame oh yea that’s right the tractor trailor that was NOT mentioned !!

  • Concerned Citizen?

    I travel all the time about 200miles a day on the roads for my job. See people all the time pulling trailers with wrong type of vehicles , overloaded, not strapped, not lighted, inexperienced drivers with trailers etc… Don’t know the details here but would l bet money here on one of those. I know judging without all the facts but most of the time thats why.

  • Shan

    Prayers to the family. Anyone know what size clothes the children need and where to bring them? And do they need any household items? I have no speakers on my computer so missed it if it was in the segment. Also, some of you people are so obnoxious! If you do not have something sympathetic or helpful to say about this family then just SHUT UP.

    • Concerned Citizen?

      Shan that is nice how you want us to be respectful yet you tell people to SHUT UP… Extremely Classy…. Enough Said

  • Jeff Mayhugh

    I’m glad the people involved in the accident are safe!

    This only highlights that we need a western bypass to handle traffic when accidents happen. Build new intersections in Clarks Summit and either Pittston or Moosic between I-81 and the Turnpike. Get rid of the tolls. They need to be proper interchanges for smooth traffic flow. They need to be well signed, and with electronic signage that can redirect traffic when it is necessary.

    • Lori

      You know what causes even more problems? People like you that think Tractor Trailers drive just like cars. I can almost guarantee you’re one of the morons whose whipping in and out of traffic and in between trucks. Majority of the accidents involving tractor trailers are the fault of car drivers.

      Aside that, what does this even have to do with anything?

  • Liz

    This was my sister and her family. They are safe and have their life. And you rude people wouldn’t be saying the stuff thats coming from your mouths if it was one of your loved ones. Have some respect for the children that was in the van. If anyone would like to help this family with cloths or anything please let me know.

    • unbenown2me

      What’s wrong with the “cloths” on the highway? Throw them in the wash, and they’ll look great. Especially if you use “Oxy-Clean”.

  • Oooppps

    Looks like a bunch of rednecks moving a trailor shell, come on now think logically there’s a motorcycle in what’s left of the box they couldn’t have been that smart

    • Isabel

      I was thinking of a comment that would address your stupidity, but, alas, it would probably go right over your judgmental head. I feel terribly for this family’s loss. I couldn’t imagine being in the process of starting over when literally all of your things are obliterated. Thank goodness nobody was hurt, that’s the most important thing. This family will be okay again.

    • Oldest daughter Amanda

      That’s my family ur talking about, didn’t ur parents ever tell u ” if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. Ur a real a hole for ur comment!!!!

  • Dennis

    Excuse me but no trucks were involved also as of the January 2014 85% of accidents involving trucks and another vehicle were caused by the other vehicle 10% were one vehicle only meaning just the truck that leaves 5% are the truck driver fault don’t always assume you know what caused the accident

    • TIFF

      How is the 10% of accidents just involving the truck (according to you) not the truck drivers fault as well? That doesn’t make sense.

      • jenn

        How is anyone going to blame a tractor trailer that wasn’t even involved. It’s all clear that the driver of the van wasn’t paying attention to what he or she was doing. So there is your answer it was the drivers of the van fault and could of killed his own family. Hopefully this driver has learned a lesson.

      • Oldest daughter Amanda

        Jenn you don’t know what your talking about, were you in that van, NO so u need to keep ur comments to yourself!!!!

      • Lori

        Sweetie, do yourself and your family a favor, (if this really is the daughter) and stop arguing with everyone. You’re causing yourself more stress and you shouldn’t be caring what a bunch of anonymous nobodies on the internet have to say. You’ll type your fingers off before you change anyone minds.

  • Paul J. Laure

    It seems like I read about accidents occurring on I-81 in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metro area on a daily basis, caused by the highway being woefully over-capacity. Why on Earth has it taken so long for officials to see the need for this corridor to be widened to six lanes?

    • Lori

      Well, unfortunately, if your family would not have over-packed that trailer, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry that your family was in the unfortunate situation, but they were in the wrong. Plenty of people take RVs on that road with no issues. I do hope they can move on from this and I do wish them the best, but they do have to own up to their mistakes. They could have seriously injured themselves and others and thank God they didn’t.

    • Deanna

      It’s called an accident for a reason Ted! I’m sure they didn’t want this to happen to them, nor did they want all their stuff in the dump… Just be glad that they’re all alive and no one got hurt!

      • Lori

        I am sorry this happened to your family, but this wasn’t a small accident. They shut down a major roadway for several hours and almost got themselves hurt. All I’ve seen so far is pointing fingers and calls for sympathy. They should apologize for the accident they caused then ask for help. They were the ones who over loaded the trailer and they were the ones who lost control of their vehicle. You cannot blame people for getting upset, (although the hateful comments are a bit much.) I am glad no one was hurt, including your family, but perhaps they should be apologizing as well.

    • anonymous

      This is family members of mine who were headed to Florida when a tractor trailer decided to swerve into their lane causing them to lose control. Thanks for the empathy

      • SC

        So sorry to hear of your family’s bad luck .. Hope & pray they will be well and be able to collect all their belongings. Too bad Ted has the brains and the heart of a flea! It’s not representative of the people of the area who DO care about people and their misfortunes .

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