Hazleton Man Killed in a Hit and Run

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HAZLETON — A Hazleton man is charged with a deadly hit and run in Luzerne County.

According to court papers, Luis Jimenez Reyes from Hazleton admitted to hitting Javier Miranda, 21, and then fleeing the scene.

Miranda later died at the Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Police said the crash happened on Saturday night at East Broad and Pine Streets in Hazleton.

In those court papers, Reyes told Hazleton police that he fled because he was scared. But shortly after Reyes drove away, police found the black Volkswagen SUV he was driving.

Reyes is charged in connection with accidents involving a death.

People in the Hazleton area said they’re sad to hear Miranda died.

“Yeah, I feel real bad for the young man that’s dead. For the other guy too. And the family,” said Walter Mejia from Hazleton.

Mejia thinks Reyes should have stopped his vehicle and helped instead of driving away. “You have to stop right away. Call 911. Take care of the guy, see what’s going on with the guy, but he took off.”

A friend of Miranda’s said the 21-year-old was pursing a music career.

“He had a recording studio in his attic. He had my over a couple of times. He liked to record his music upstairs, I guess that’s how he liked to relax,” said Matt Berry from Hazleton.

Reyes is locked up at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility.

He’s being held on $250,000 cash bail.


  • love my nephew javii

    To that unknown stupid person that is a picture of the deceased man that was him before he was killed so if you dont know shut the hell up..

  • this goes for hosea

    hosea first off what kind of heart do you have? your a rude person what if one of you family member got hit and left there to die people like you should have been thought manners a long time ago your just plain stupid and disrespectful …….rip Javier my prayers go out to you and your family

  • maria

    I agree with you instead of being opinated be informed, my nephew worked for his kids and like I mentioned before he had no criminal record the ignorance of people just kills me

  • maria

    This is one of the things that pisses me off about the community in hazelton the racism there why in the hell ull say too off the streets y coz they ain’t white they are Spanish kids I’m a family of the miranda and I would like yr negative comments and racist comments to be kept to ur self my nephew was not perfect but surely enoph had no crimibal record did not steel from no one I got news fot you if u think all Spanish people are the same smh I’m glad I left hazelton and wish my family do the same soon coz my nephew did not have to die like this nor have ignorant people talk on a racist low budget type of way

  • unknown

    If you’re going to write an article about someone at least but the right picture of him. Not a picture of a different deceased man.


      Ignorance at its best!!! Let the family mourn and keep your pathetic comments to yourself. Maybe you should be off the streets, the streets need less ignorance! Hopefully your family never has to experience a pain as great as this, on both ends. GROW UP!

    • HoseA

      Mr Hate Ignorance. Come work in Law Enforcement like I do up here. Tell me how great these people are after a few shifts…

    • Instead of being opinionated, be informed

      Mr. Hosea, I hope you’re lying about working in law enforcement. That’s a scary thought to have people like your “protecting” citizens. It sounds like you’d leave a person to bleed out on the street if they happened to be a different race or gender. When you say “they” are all the same, do you mean hispanic males? I know you can’t be that stupid to assume that just because a man come from a hispanic country he’s prone to do illegal things. Human beings from all parts of the world, different colors, religions, and from all walks of life commit crimes. This young man worked to support his family, and died because a drunk driver was out on the street. How about instead of thinking up racist thoughts you go out on the street and actually CATCH THE BAD GUYS. I’m sure Hazleton would be a heck of a lot better :)! -Cheers (don’t get donut glaze all over your keyboard now)

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