Update: Woman Found Dead in Home, Not Suspicious

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


  • MsB

    I am so sorry if this is your friend. I hope not! And I agree that nothing should be written until validations are made in the case. Speculations are ok, but not when it keeps a whole community hanging in the balance. I would not like to thing that WNEP editors would enforce their writers to just get SOEMTHING out there!

    • chris

      Well before you make that statement you should realize there could be much more to the story then that yes people do pass in there homes a lot however it wouldn’t be news if it was a common death or from natural causes or old age odviously its a out if the ordinary situation they just won’t state that in the article

      • K

        Well clearly this article shouldn’t ‘in the first place since the facts of who, what, and why remain absent for whatever reason with all due respect to the privacy to the family and friends of this woman.

  • bemaba

    since no sensible information is out yet, a wait to receive at least 1 information in addition to dead/deceased would have been better.
    & it’s mostly better to use ‘deceased’ in formal cases rather than ‘dead’

    • MsB

      Well, since whenever you post links from OTHER sites they let them hang waiting moderation; here is some info from WKOK radio— It is labeled as suspicious, but not too much else is being said about a death in Watsontown. The Watsontown police do tell us they are investigating the death of a woman at 159 Grandview Drive. The woman, who is still not been identified, was found dead Thursday. Police would not say if the death is of a criminal nature, natural causes or suicide, but they say no trauma was involved. They are awaiting autopsy results. Officers also say the public is not in any danger and they are not looking for anyone else who might be associated with the death. Helping Watsontown are Milton and Montgomery police, the Northumberland County Coroner’s office

  • MsB

    Well, let’s try this dance again after WNEP censored THREE responses to HELLO WORLD’s blather.
    1. It was not a criticism, it as an observation. Back home when we read “body found,” it usually means “body dumped or just kinda shows up!!” If someone is deceased in their OWN home, or even in a friend or family member’s home it SHOULDN’T say found!
    2. If you are an insider, this is conflict of interest.
    3. I DO NOT even believe in constructive criticism because it’s an oxymoron.
    4. If you’re just another nobody commentator like the rest of us that no one really cares about I don’t mind because you don’t matter.
    5. Obviously the article caught my attention, that’s the idea! DUH!
    5. “THIS ARTICLE SUCKS ! HERE IS WHY,” Thank you! somehow YOU didn’t get censored. I was trying to speak it in a more palatable way but I tip my hat to your honesty! God Bless You! The voice of one crying in the wilderness of ignorance!


    This article sucks ! Doesn’t tell us ANYTHING !!! She could of been 102 years old and died of old age ! What a stupid article lacking TREMENDOUS amounts of Info for the public !

  • Hello World

    I’m sorry, but i’m pretty sure that the words “deceased” and “dead” are synonyms and can be used interchangeably. And the fact that a “body was found” in a home, clearly is just stating the simple facts about a body being found. Regardless of what happened, that is the quickest and most effective statement that draws people to read the article which is in fact the main purpose of publishing these articles anyways. Clearly the article was titled effectively enough that it sparked an interest in your brain to want to read further to see what had happened to the “Woman Found Dead in Home.” Did it not? So please don’t be so quick to criticize the writer for writing what they were taught in school because you don’t particularly like how it was worded.

  • MWM

    Not for nothing, but “body found” suits like when a body is found dumped somewhere, rather than in someone’s home where they might have died from natural causes, or not? God forbid it wasn’t natural causes; something like woman found deceased in her home MIGHT be more appropriate!

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