Swimmers Happy To Be Back at Beltzville

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BELTZVILLE STATE PARK -- The beach is back open at Beltzville State Park after unsafe levels of bacteria in the water had it closed for the past 10 days.

Almost as soon as the all clear came for swimming to resume, the splashing was back. The swimmers returned.

The kids seemed the happiest to have the beach back open.

"I get to swim and go out as far as I want," said Hayden Clemency.

"I swim in the lake, only in the open here, not in the deep," said Colton DeSotto.

Paul DeSotto of Staten Island brought his kids here and was glad to see swimming allowed. That wasn't the case when they came earlier this summer.

"There was a sign that said no swimming because of bacteria, who would ever think of putting bacteria in the lake water?" asked Sophia DeSotto

That's the question of the summer. But she should probably direct it toward the geese. Many people blame the geese and their deposits into the water for the bacteria problems, leading to several swimming bans this season.

"They know what they're doing, if they say it's not safe, I trust their opinion. We wait a little while when it does become available. It's clean, you feel comfortable swimming with confidence," said Paul DeSotto.

There have been almost two weeks worth of positive bacteria tests in the water, but that's not worrying beach goers now that the state's given this water the okay.

Lisa Martinez of Gilbert said her son bugged her for days to come swimming.

"It does [worry me] a little, but we always swim here. We've never had a problem. He's never been sick, so we still come," Martinez said.

Martinez kept watching to see when it would reopen, but Amy Botti of Sellersville and her grandchildren just happened to show up on the day it did.

They felt that the water is safe.

"We like Beltzville because it's calm for the kids and they can wade out as far as they want and it's peaceful. We're kind of glad we lucked out," said Botti.