Sweet Corn Season in Full Swing

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FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Sweet corn season is in full swing in Pennsylvania.

"Nothing better than Pennsylvania grown corn," Linda Gardner said.

Hungry shoppers lined up at Snyder's Quality Sweet Corn near Montoursville to grab it by the bagful.

"Just having a cookout and going to grill out some corn and steaks and hope to have a good time," Gardner said.

Owner Scott Snyder says his stand opened last week. His employees pick it fresh every day.

"I have 12 different varieties and they come on at different times, and some of them repeat themselves," Snyder said.

Snyder says, even though the corn crop is good and normal this year, he says it is a little late. He blames that on the weather.

"We had some hard frost in May and it slowed the season down a little bit, so we got started a little later than normal," Snyder said.

The Walter family lives in Chicago, but vacations in Lycoming County every year. Erin Walter says they always stop by Snyder's to pick up enough corn to last them all year.

"We just get sweet corn at home and the prices are different. I think it's more expensive at home and the quality isn't as good. We're looking forward to having some," Walter said.

Snyder says sweet corn season runs through mid-September.