Former Police Chief Sentenced

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SCRANTON -- A former police chief in Lackawanna County was sentenced Friday to six months unsupervised probation.

James Romano, the former police chief of Scott Township, agreed to a plea deal last fall on charges he hindered investigators in a sex abuse case.

His sentencing had been delayed until his attorneys determined his pension would not be affected.


  • Randy

    I was always told that any elect official, convicted of any crime loses any pensions, capital, ect… now they think there entitled a reward after being convicted of a crime, think about the victims in the case.

  • Reuben

    What the hell is unsupervised probation? He can do whatever he wants but just don’t screw another witness? This place is such a joke.

    • Randy

      I believe he pleaded guilty to his crime, but he doesn’t get a punishment, If people feel that’s unfair to bad. It just shows the system and some errors. People need to start getting involved in local politics. Poor Taxpayer, “sad” isn’t it. your going to pay his pension, I feel that when making new policies, rules, regulations ect…. more voting from the citizens should be enacted for finial approval.To many unauthorized items are being slipped into the writings. Remember never talk about politics, “try to be apart of them”.

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