Bank Robber’s Getaway Car Caught on Camera

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DICKSON CITY -- Police in Dickson City are on the lookout for the getaway car a bank robber used Friday afternoon in a busy section of the borough.

Dickson City Police said the robber and possibly a getaway driver parked right in front of NBT Bank's double doors. The robber went in and jumped over the front counter, taking money from a teller.

Police have a video of the SUV the robber used to get away.

No one was hurt, but it gave tellers quite a scare when the robber wearing a stocking over his face jumped over the counter at NBT Bank on Main Street in Dickson City.

The robber took money from a teller, jumped back over the counter, and was off.

Police hope the SUV he got away in will help them track him down.

"We have not found it, but we have video of the vehicle from Steve Pronko Diamonds. The vehicle was seen on Boulevard Avenue," Dickson City Police Chief William Bilinski said.

Chief Bilinski said they are looking for a newer model white Ford Explorer, possibly made between 2004 and 2010, that could be stolen.

Though the robber's getaway is the most important piece of evidence so far, it must have been a quiet one. People working next door to the bank didn't even know a robbery had happened until the police showed up.

"It surprised me, they got away with it and we didn't realize it. It's shocking how that really happened," said Steve Nguyen.

"It seems like it's been a problem lately. There's been a lot of holdups around here," added Mary Schultz.

Anyone with information about the bank robbery is asked to call Dickson City Police.


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